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Juvenile Diabetes


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Juvenile Diabetes

By the age of 3, little Srini was toilet trained, so when, at the age of 5 he started bed-wetting again, his parents were very surprised. They thought he would get over it. Even when he started talking of being tired just after minutes of play they thought it was just a phase.

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| Jul 14, 2015

very informative! even kids should be eating healthy. outdoor play is more important than so many hobby classes.

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| Jul 13, 2015

Hi.. m from pune... my 7 yr old son recently two months back diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. The symptoms were exactly same mentioned in above article and he is on insulin now. Its very very difficult to handle kids like this at times... birthday parties where all other kids are having snacks.. he can not have. Too difficult to tell him no for sweets. Are u aware of any such parents group going on where like kids parents are there(preferably India) thanks in advance.

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Divya oberoi

| Jun 01, 2015

Thanks for sharing. Very informative.

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| Jul 24, 2013

Good article , thanks for sharing

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| Feb 17, 2013

We normally refer to diabetes as a disease which can affect an adult. But as you have so well put it Payal, it is a condition which affects many children. We all need to know the symptoms and how to handle any such cases. Thanks Payal, great article.

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| Feb 12, 2013

Thanks Indu and Neena, yes children do need screening for various things including diabetes. In fact the reason for writing articles such as this in a forum like parentune is parents be aware of the symptoms so that early intervention may be possible for our children.

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| Feb 11, 2013

We do have diabetes in our genes, and I am very much concerned about it. Thanks Payal for the detailed compilation, well written. I am going to follow the written points as parent. I think along with kids, now a days kids too need Annual checkups.

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| Feb 11, 2013

With changes in lifestyle, these days type 2 is rapidly becoming common in young children. Parents need to be aware that it is not an adults' disease anymore. Very well compiled.. thnks

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