How To Keep Your Child Stress-Free During Exams ?, 4 Tips to Beat Exam Pressure

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How To Keep Your Child Stress Free During Exams 4 Tips to Beat Exam Pressure
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Since exam season is here, the horrors of board exams have dawned upon the students and parents. Parents are often noticed showing high levels of stress than children. Eventually, this stress is passed on to the child who in turn gets nervous and has a tough time studying for the board exam. So, as a parent, one must stay calm in order to keep the child stress free during the examination period. Parental support in the examination is a must to the child, in order to keep us his/her levels of confidence.

4 Ways to Keep Child Stress free During Exams

Help your child beat exam stress by following the ways, which have been mentioned in this blog. In order to be a support system for your child, here are a few tips for parents during board exams-

  • It is natural for a student to get nervous and anxious prior to the board exams. As a parent, you can watch out for signs of pressure and stress in our child, which may include sleepless nights, changes in appetite and behavior. Make sure that your child gets sufficient sleep and proper nutrition in order to stay focused throughout the exam schedule
  • If your child finds it tough to seek time for eating full meals, make sure he/she consumes sufficient liquids and fruits throughout the day to get the right nutrition. Frequent naps are also essential between study times so that the mind stays fresh
  • You can minimize the distraction in the house so that your child can study with ease, while also making sure you keep talking to your child in order to assure how he/she is doing
  • If you notice crying/ breaking down, or hear them saying things like 'I don't want to appear for the exam tomorrow', 'I feel like running away from everything', 'I wish I don't wake up tomorrow', make sure you inform your child that no matter what, your support for him/her will not change. Be a supporting pillar for your child during such time as he/she may be vulnerable due to stress. [Read Now Unknowingly, I Created Tremendous Pressure On My Child Before Board Exams" - A Mom Confesses]


4 Ways to Reduce Pressure on Child in Exam-time 

Avoid putting pressure on your child by stating that his/her future depends only up on the marks he/she scores in the exams. Below are a few tips to reduce stress during exams, which will help your child throughout the examination period-

  1. Don’t Addon to the Stress:

    Your child is already dealing with his/her share of stress of studying numerous chapters and subjects, so as a parent you need not add on to further stress. Have realistic expectations from your child and encourage him/her to achieve his/her goals
  2. Encourage Regular Breaks:

    Since board exams bring up on tremendous pressure on the child, you need to encourage your child to take frequent breaks in order to calm down and freshen up the mind. The break period can comprise of healthy food intake, some TV time, music time, catching up with friends or simply napping for some time. This practice will help your child get back to studying all fresh
  3. Help Create a Study Schedule:

    Don’t create a study schedule on your own and have your child follow it. You can rather assist your child in creating one, as he/she best knows how to cope up with the studies at that time. All you can do is encourage your child to keep up with the study schedule


Advice These Tips to Beat Exam Pressure to Your Teenager

These are some how to beat exam stress top tips that your child can follow in order to confront the horrors of a board exam with an ease. These ways to keep your children stress free in exam days will surely be of a great help not just for them but even for you as a parent. It is essential for a child to remain free from all sorts of stress and pressure and hence below are some ways to keep children stress free in exams days-

  1. Stay Calm:

    It is common for parents to show how nervous they are feeling to their children. But this will only amount to pressure in the child, which will not enable him/her to perform in the exams. The anxiety of parents becomes a burden on the child and he/she may end up losing confidence too
  2. Be a Support System:

    You need not put your life on hold just because your child is going to give board exams. You can continue with your job, daily activities and socializing. Just make sure of keeping the house calm and free from distraction so that your child can study easily. Ensure your child sleeps well, eats well and has regular breaks during the study period
  3. Know the Child’s Capacity:

    This means having realistic expectations from your child in regards to his/her capacity. Every child is different and brings different outputs, so do not compare your child with other children and bring his/her morale down
  4. No Future Talks:

    This is the time to study so do not burden your child with questions in regards to career path as it will only add up the burden on him/her. You also need not talk about the profession that you wish your child to take up in future. Just be in the moment and create a friendly and calm atmosphere for your child to study with peace
  5. No Outside Pressure:

    This is also the time where relatives and friends pour in to give their pieces of advice to your child. Avoid this on any cost and do not act upon everyone’s advice as it might not work out for your child since everyone is different with different capabilities. Don’t let your relatives and friends create a cloud of anxiety for your child

These are some ideas to deal with exam stress for child that will work wonders if you abide to them genuinely. Help your child beat exam stress in no time by following these tips and tricks, which work like a charm. Board exams shower a big deal of stress up on children and hence parental support in examination is the key for children to score well.

Have realistic expectations from your child and do not make any comparisons with other children. Tell your child that marks will not define his/her future and that marks are not everything and there is much more to life. If you are worried as a parent, be assured of not showing any signs of anxiety and nervousness to your child as it will affect him/her too. Be calm and supportive towards your child as that is what will take your child places. It is time to relieve your child from exam stress right away.


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Very informative blog thanks for sharing . You are right almost all parents and children's are taking up exams in a sporty and competitive manner. As a result of going overboard with studies and being excessively scared about exams. I also know one more blog which has some information about how to deal with exam stress which really helpful to children's :

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