Last Trimester & Peak Summers: How to Cope Better?

Sumitra Gopal

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Updated on May 26, 2017

Last Trimester Peak Summers How to Cope Better

Heat and humidity feel even worse during pregnancy, because when pregnant — especially during the last trimester — your body temperature is already a little higher than normal. But there are ways to cope. I can't forget the summers of both my pregnancies—I was in my last trimester of pregnancy—and the heat was unbearable. I was huge, could not see my toes or tie my shoelaces and I felt like I was melting...literally.  Our proparent, Sumitra Gopal shares her tips on she kept cool during pregnancy.

How to Take Care the Third Trimester of Pregnancy in the Summer

Here are some things that worked for me; they might give you some respite too:

  1. Keep away from the mid-morning, early afternoon heat. Wearing a sunscreen and carrying and umbrella was helpful, as was wearing my sunglasses.
  2. My feet would swell after an outdoor activity. I love sitting cross-legged, but it was not possible with my big belly. So I had a small stool/ chair to keep my feet up and give me some respite and cool my temper.
  3. Unnecessary weight gain leads to not only an overweight mother after delivery, it also makes the mother-to-be uncomfortable during pregnancy. Therefore, I tried to gain only the recommended 15 kgs. I knew that I didn't have much control over the water I would retain in the last trimester of pregnancy, but I could control how much I gained in the first two.
  4. I had clothes tailored to make me look good and keep the heat away. My favourite fabrics during the last trimester were muslin, cotton and linen in light colours. Breathable and light-weight materials were my top picks.
  5. Keeping myself hydrated also helped. I preferred low calorie, healthy options in addition to water, like cucumber juice, mint juice, nimbu paani etc. I also experimented with healthy low-calorie smoothies.
  6. Pregnancy is a time to eat without reason or guilt. Not to say I didn't indulge myself occasionally, but I kept the food simple, tasty and low on heavy spices. Keeping the spice levels low definitely helped me battle the heat.
  7. I love to experiment with my hair so I cut my hair short and often tied it up. It was great not to have hair on my nape.
  8. I also loved to swim, especially during my last trimester. Aqua exercises helped, and also kept the heat away. In case you have never swum before pregnancy, don’t try it during pregnancy. Instead, you can be near the poolside but just be careful about slipping.


Conclusion: What to Take if Pregnant in Summer 

What worked the most was having a positive attitude and engaging myself in preparing for the babies’ arrival. I spent most of my spare time doing something that kept my attention away from the heat.

Was this blog helpful for you? We’d love to hear your tips to beat the heat in the comments below !


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| Apr 19, 2018


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| May 29, 2017

very aptly writtern article, thanks for sharing, having a tough tine eith summer truly.

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| May 29, 2017

very nice and useful information

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| May 29, 2017

What a simple et informative blog Sumitra! Thanks for sharing here your experience here with us.

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