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Darwin's Theory - Lessons For Your Child

Urvashi Shah
11 to 16 years

Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Dec 21, 2020

Darwins Theory Lessons For Your Child
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Children from birth have an inquisitive mind which allows them to explore everything within their vicinity. The curious minds then begin to grow and start asking challenging questions to their parents such as, ‘How did we get here?’ You must have been perplexed to this answer and wished how Charles Darwin would have been here to explain your child the theory of evolution in detail.

It will be tough for you to answer such questions of your child but it is important you do so and start teaching your child about the theory of evolution right from a young age.

Your child should be taught that evolution is a process by which life progresses from one form to another. It takes hundreds and thousands of years for evolution to take place. You can teach your child about the prehistoric man and how he looked like and what he used to do for his survival, which enabled him to develop in to what he is today.

You might still be thinking how to teach Darwin’s Theory to children as young ones are known to raise questions to every answer. The best you can do is briefly describe the concept to your child which will leave him/her amused and the curious mind will start asking you various questions which will make it easier for you to explain the theory much better.

Make your child learn Darwin’s Theory by answering these questions in a simple manner-

  1. Where did we come from?

    Since humans originated millions of years ago, nobody knows for sure how the entire process of evolution came in to process. But there is Darwin’s Theory which is backed up by a number of scientists to give us the answers. We mainly came from primates like monkeys, gorillas and chimpanzees. Did this answer drop your child’s jaws?
  2. How did monkeys turn in to humans?

    This question will surely take birth in your child’s mind after you have answered the first question, which might leave your child perplexed and make him/her more intrigued. According to scientists who have studied this question, there were 2 groups of primates, mainly chimpanzees. One of the groups lived in the trees from where they got food and shelter. The other group spent most of the time on the ground and in open fields, which made them do things differently like walking upright. This made the second group look more or like as we are today.
  3. Why did monkeys turn in to people?

    This is what the process of evolution is. Animals need to change or transform in order to survive on this planet. This is why fish evolved gills in order to make them breathe under water, animals developed sharp teeth and claws to hunt down their prey for dinner. Other animals developed scales and shells in order to protect themselves from being eaten by other animals. Some evolved to fly or climb to get away from the dangers. This is how we humans evolved to walk on two feet instead of four, made our brains smarter, which enabled us in building houses, clothing, weapons and so on. This is how the present day man is able to survive in the present world.
  4. If we came from monkeys, why don’t we have a tail?

    This is because, we most likely came from chimps who do not have a tail. If we had a tail it would have been tough to do simple tasks like sitting down. How could you play your video games sitting on the floor if you had a tail?

These couple of questions and their interesting answers will intrigue your child even more who will himself/herself start digging out the facts on evolution through the help of internet. Children these days are smart enough to operate computers on their own and I am sure your child will get all the answers through the internet.

Allow your child to explore his/her curious mind by finding the answers and encourage them to think out of the box. Who knows your child will come up with more astonishing facts about the Darwin’s Theory which might perplex you.

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| Feb 13, 2018

Sorry madam disagree with you we evolved from apes, monkeys can be uncles in our evolutionary history. moreover our evolutionary history is punctuated and discoveries from different parts views from different corners arises confusions. give child the facts that will start the confusions. and confusions are the beginning of proper understanding.

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| Oct 02, 2020

Surely this wat of introducing the complex things will help children to discover themselves ...thank you

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