Light Weekend Reads: A mom's sixth sense

Jahnabi Medhi
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Light Weekend Reads A moms sixth sense

Proparent, Jahnabi Medhi shares her thoughts and realisation in this endearing blog. She shares, “Being a mother is perhaps the happiest moment of my life. The journey has just begun with my three months old little one and life since then hasn’t been the same again. Being a working mum, juggling between work and home and striking a work home balance were on the cards. And I don’t know how I thought that the new journey would be a cakewalk after the little one joined us. However, of course, it wasn’t that simple. What was I thinking! The initial few days after the delivery was difficult with the C-section persistent pain and while at it, learning the ways of rearing my newborn. Then I realised about the 6th sense of a mum.”

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Bindu Srinivas

| Mar 09, 2017

the article is very much useful. thanks a lot...

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| Jan 31, 2017


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Rituparna Routh

| Jan 30, 2017

Try being a full time mommy instead of the current role that u r playing.. ur dreamy dreamy filmi sense of motherhood will go down to the dustbin.. lol.. all the best

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Mayassa Mahasin

| Jan 23, 2017

hello,my baby is dry skin which oil is the best

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Swaroopa Gaddam

| Jan 23, 2017


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