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Light Weekend Reads: Interesting New Year Resolutions from parents

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Updated on Dec 31, 2016

Light Weekend Reads Interesting New Year Resolutions from parents

I close my eyes trying to capture an impression, an image of 2016. It brings up a happy face more than often, of course, my son's happy and smiling face. Being a mum to a boy, who's truly active, imaginative, empathetic and playful is a gift, and I think in that sense 2016 has been blissful. While I look back at 2016, I remember a few challenges more than the others and how I and my family tackled those. 2016 was a mixed bag and it's time now to start looking ahead towards 2017. I thought of making my 2017 resolution, and then like a child, I got curious to ask my fellow parents of their New Year resolution. One thing led to the next and here I am with this endearing and heart-warming collection of New Year resolutions from my fellow parents. Guess what.....I also got Nitin, Parentune's Founder to share his New Year resolution, you could read what he had to say here.

This year, I want to take a break from being addicted to gadgets and smart phone and I will start by staying off the gadget before sleeping and grabbing it the first thing in the morning. Neha Mittal

My only concern as a mother is to ensure that my son eats healthy. He is a fussy eater and everyone in the family keeps nagging him for that. So, this year I have decided that I will refrain from passing any comment on his fussy eating habits and try to feed him healthy food items through the items he wants to eat. Swati Gupta

Last year, I neglected my health and had to pay the price for it. So this year, my New Year resolution, is to take care of my health in a better way, so that I can be more actively present for my daughters. Shikha Batra

As my daughter is growing up, I want to engage her in constructive activities. Hence my New Year resolution, for 2017, is to ensure that my daughter is involved in some DIY activities along with some physical activities. Preeti Prasad

This year, I would want to be more parent-parent then parent-friend. This is because I feel that if we become friendly with our children then stop taking us seriously. So this year I would like to be little strict with my children and teach them to be responsible. Manjot Kaur

My daughter’s health was not at its best in 2016, so this year I resolve to make it better by controlling her demand for junk food, says another proparent. Kalpana Negi

As a mother, my New Year resolution for this year is to provide equal opportunities to both my son and my 2-months old daughter. Canisha Kapoor

My New Year resolution for this year is to be more tolerant towards my tween and teen sons and be a parent-friend to them. Shreya Rajvanshi

This year, I would like to spend more time with my son, especially on weekends and play football with him. Nitin Gupta

Have you made your New Year resolution as yet? Would you like to share it with fellow parents and inspire a great 2017? We look fwd to reading yours in the comments below. And here's wishing a great 2017 to you and your family!

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