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Light Weekend Reads: Interesting New Year Resolutions from parents

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Light Weekend Reads Interesting New Year Resolutions from parents

I close my eyes trying to capture an impression, an image of 2016. It brings up a happy face more than often, of course, my son's happy and smiling face. Being a mum to a boy, who's truly active, imaginative, empathetic and playful is a gift, and I think in that sense 2016 has been blissful. While I look back at 2016, I remember a few challenges more than the others and how I and my family tackled those. 2016 was a mixed bag and it's time now to start looking ahead towards 2017. I thought of making my 2017 resolution, and then like a child, I got curious to ask my fellow parents of their New Year resolution. One thing led to the next and here I am with this endearing and heart-warming collection of New Year resolutions from my fellow parents. Guess what.....I also got Nitin, Parentune's Founder to share his New Year resolution.

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