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Worried about missing vaccinations for your infant? Here's what you can do!


Created by Narayan
Updated on May 30, 2020

Worried about missing vaccinations for your infant Heres what you can do
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Covid-19 has come into our life like a massive tidal wave. Before we could fully realize what it was, we are faced with several new concepts and regulations, such as self-isolation, quarantine, and social distancing. Before we could let the situation sink in well, we were already in a lockdown. As a mother of an infant, I was anxious about what this would mean for my baby's regular vaccinations.

The vaccination schedule of my baby will be distorted if this current COVID lockdown continues. I was afraid of visiting the hospital with my little one as he may catch Coronavirus infection. I am saying this because I know that babies are at a higher risk of contracting infections due to their underdeveloped immune systems.

As I was unable to take him to the hospital for his appointments, I became concerned about the consequences this might bring. I know missing a vaccine shot makes the child more prone to that disease.

I started looking for ways to connect with a doctor for my child's healthcare and wellbeing. I tried several things like live sessions with relevant doctors and experts, Whatsapp and phone calls with the family physician. But the doctors are quite busy these days and it's difficult for them to take the time out for general questions.

But then I found out about Vaxline helpline for moms. Vaxline offers an answer to all our questions about the baby's health and vaccination. It also provides a number which you can dial anytime during the day and an expert will connect to you and answer your queries about your child's health.

Experts at Vaxline specialize in the primary vaccination and immunization of children and will answer your doubts about the delayed vaccinations of your child. In these times, it is very important that as parents, we are extra careful on the information about health, and verify everything that can affect the health of our child.

The Vaxline page itself covers a vast number of topics. You can find the points to remember in case of an unavoidable clinical visit during this quarantine time, everything about delayed vaccinations, precautionary measures to be taken against COVID when you have a baby at home, and more here. As I said, almost every topic that is relevant during these times is well explained.

A toll-free number is provided through which you can clear any doubts left unanswered on the landing page. What I realized after my conversation with the Experts on Vaxline that the delayed vaccinations are not as life-threatening as COVID19, but can be dealt with proper guidance. So, unless it's an emergency you can avoid visiting a healthcare center with your child, get in touch with Experts on Vaxline and keep him / her safe from COVID-19 infection.

You can also clear your doubts about which precautions to follow if you have to visit the doctor or a hospital with your child. Otherwise, stay safe at home and consult the experts at Vaxlline. 

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the blog content are independent and unbiased views solely of the blogger. This is a part of a public awareness initiative supported by Sanofi Pasteur India. Sanofi Pasteur bears no responsibility for the content of the blog. One should consult their healthcare provider for any health-related information. This article is meant to help create awareness and spread knowledge. Any decision regarding your health and child's health should be done after consultation with your doctor. While all efforts are made to keep articles updated, the speed of research in these fields means the information often may change when more research knowledge is available. Slim expectations or the authors should be in no way held responsible in that case.


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What if I delay my baby's vaccination?
You should always consult an expert to know more.

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| Jun 06, 2020

My baby 12month vaccine was missed what should i do??

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