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Modern Technology A modern moms companion
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With the emergence of new illnesses, more resistant viruses and disease outbreaks making headlines, it is no wonder that we feel anxious and concerned about our family’s health all the time. And as a mom, I have gradually come to terms with the fact that a basic hygiene routine is no longer going to suffice. We will eventually need to adopt an all-inclusive health routine and lifestyle that takes care of factors like air and water pollution in more advanced ways than before. Sounds difficult? Well! Here’s where technology comes into play.

Even though we can’t change the environment around us, we can adopt a few lifestyle changes with the help of technology to ensure that our families and especially our children do not fall prey to modern illnesses.

Air Purifiers: People like us, who live in cities, are routinely exposed to a complex mix of air pollutants. Air pollution in such places is the root cause of many deadly diseases, especially in children whoare most vulnerable due to their immune system is underdeveloped. I agree that it is impossible to avoid air pollution altogether, but there are ways in which we can limit the exposure to it. I started using air purifiers and air filters simply because it is one of the least hassle-free and one of the more effective ways of preventing respiratory illness, allergy attacks, lungs and heart diseases. Moreover, air purifiers provide cleaner air for our children, which in turn improves their breathingand immunity.

Advanced Water Purifiers: As modern moms, we are mindful of TDS levels in our water supply and even get the refills changed every now and then. However, with more polluting components entering the water table, such measures are no longer enough. Large scale industrial wastes in water bodies and lack of advanced filteration procedures makes me wonder if the water we drink is in fact potable at all! This is why I feel the best bet is to have an in-home water purifier equipped to combat the advanced degrees of pollution in the water. An advanced water purifier can  eliminate many water impurities such as lead, copper, germs, pesticides and herbicides, thus, helping save our children and family from a number of infections, diseases and other complications.

Health Care Apps: Technology has indeed made it easy for us to share, store and analyse information. The very fact that a health conscious person like yourself is reading this blog for information about health trends is proof of that! Similarly, several mobile apps, like WebMD’s Baby and Child Health Tracker, serve as great resources to let you sync and store your child’s health information, check the child's disease symptoms and make decisions about your child's health. I have been using some of these apps like HealthVault, Baby Connect,and Total Baby among others to supervise my child’s diet, and monitor his sleep and exercise schedules.

Online Chemist and Drug Stores: A lot of websites now supply medicines online that can deliver the medication to your doorstep at a time convenient to you. I too, have ordered medicines online, and believe me it makes the lives of working mothers a lot easier. All you need is a prescription and the medicine will reach your doorstep in no time. For mild or non-serious ailments, you can purchase these medicines without prescription as well.

While Technology may have been instrumental in the increased levels of pollution in our environment, it has also become a partner in parenting for me and has helped me cope with the pressures of a modern-day parenting. By using of technology, and perhaps even modern day products which use the latest technology, modern moms actually can keep their children healthy and safe from several germs, and diseases.

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