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Tips For Dealing With Your Moody Child

Kshitij Yadav
3 to 7 years

Created by Kshitij Yadav
Updated on May 17, 2019

Tips For Dealing With Your Moody Child

When our kids get cranky or get mad at us, we question ourselves “whether or not are we bringing them up in a right way? Are we even good parents?” we get too stressed over it. Trust me when I say it is completely normal in kids to get moody just as adults. This behaviour is completely normal and all kids have mood-swings. We as parents need to understand that our kids go through in life just as we do. They get loads of homework, go through difficult exams, tough relationship with their schoolmates and what not. Worry not, because here are some best tips that we have come up with just to help you handle mood swings in your child. Read on.

Understand Your Child

As parents the first thing you need to understand is that even children have their mood swings. Do not get mad at them when they get angry or behave aggressively. You rather need to be more understanding and sit them down and calmly ask them what is bothering them. You don’t have to push them to share things with you. You need to always let them come to you and if they resist answering, you can tell them “we are always here for you and if there’s anything bothering you we would want to hear it because we love you a lot”. It will let them know that you do notice and recognize their feelings.

Listen but Calmly Let Them Know Their Boundaries Too

It is very essential to be tender and have a better understanding with your children; however, you should also know the boundaries. When I say boundaries I mean how they behave with other people and the guests that visit your house. You need to calmly let them know that we will always be there for you to listen if something is making upsetting you but there are some lines that are better uncrossed. Always remember that kids are often very rebellious, they check you as to how far you allow them to go. So, be wise and calmly handle the mood and child, like good parents.

Keep Calm and Stop Criticizing

Stop saying things like “stop being so dramatic or overreacting at small stuffs” when your kid get upset at something or get cranky. If you say things like that too then you need to start resisting it because criticizing them will only lead to push them away from you. All you need to do is keep your calm and listen to their problems as if they were your own. Doing this will surely help your moody child to get better soon and he will never from you again.

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| May 14, 2019


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| Feb 14, 2019

Hi madam, my son is 3 yr old. He is not willing to mingle with other childern. he likes to play with me all the day. He wont allow other people into our house. what should i mam tell me mam, iam feeling too tense for his behaviour. He wirtes abcd , makes block bulindgs by his own.

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| Sep 29, 2018

really very usefull tips. Thanks

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| Aug 19, 2018

Parentune. com

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| Aug 02, 2018

my 4 year old boy doesn't want to homework. whenever i tried to make him write he become irritate and cry.

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| Jul 30, 2018

@pamela try and replace the screen time with relevant reads, toys, buiding tools for kids etc, ensure that you also engage with the above activities

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| Jul 29, 2018

my baby girl.. she is now 6+.. studying class1.. doesn't wanna study.. always wanna watch cartoons.. what to do Sir/Ma'am? plz suggest me

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