Motherhood is something which is difficult to express in words. It is a precious gift from the Almighty.

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Motherhood is something which is difficult to express in words It is a precious gift from the Almighty
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I am a blessed mother of two adorable children. Each time I was expecting a child, I went through a whole gamut of emotions, feelings, fears and expectations. When my first baby was to be born, I was happy and at times scared as I did not know what was going to happen, and how!

The biggest fear was the fear of delivery and labor pains. At the same time, I felt complete in a new way and thoroughly enjoyed the pampering and care from my family, friends and particularly my husband. Amidst these emotions came the d-day when I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. I had never experienced such abundant joy like i did after holding my baby for the first time, I felt as if I had grown up.

The second time I conceived, I felt the same joy but I found that my fears had changed. My fear of labor pain were still there but now I also wondered so as to how would I manage the elder one, her school, ensuring that she is comfortable and happy with no resentment for the little one, and to create acceptance. Then again, as I hugged my baby boy, I felt immense joy and my fears calmed down slowly.

Now, after having two children, I feel that I have changed a lot, my priorities have changed, I have become more mature, responsible, more loving and caring. Honestly, I love the change but at times I feel the pressure as well. I guess, that's life and change is always positive. Being a mother, I feel, a woman enjoys complete womanhood, lives a complete life and becomes mature. Perhaps, motherhood also makes you more decisive and courageous.

Motherhood is a beautiful experience every woman perhaps needs to have.

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| Sep 01, 2015

I have my 6 month baby doll.... my life has changed after my baby... I love this life ..have no time to think negative,worst things.. she is only my priority n getting many more pampers from all family members... sometime I fear too as I would be a good mother or not in future.. but ya I m trying my best to take care of her... little bit hectic& exhaustion too... late night sleep , day time I can't sleep but that's ok that is also I m enjoying my time with her... love her a lot a lot aloads.....

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