Mother's Day Special: How this Mom defeated Corona

Shivani Sharma
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Updated on May 08, 2021

Mothers Day Special How this Mom defeated Corona
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This Mother's Day, let us celebrate the strength and resilience of moms and say to them "Thank You"

To celebrate the courage of moms in these difficult times, this Mother's Day, we speak to moms and we celebrate them for being who they are. 

Shivani Sharma, mom to a 1 year old baby girl, is an illustrator, a graphic and kidswear designer.

Earlier last month, she got diagnosed with Covid. We asked her a few questions on the challenges she faced. How she overcame those and her learnings.

What is your single biggest challenge in these pandemic times?

My biggest challenge is to protect my daughter. Not just the physical well-being but also her mental and emotional health. With limited social interaction and distancing, I wanted to spend quality time with her and keep the environment around positive and stress-free. 

When you tested positive / someone else in the family tested positive, how did you tackle that? 

When I was diagnosed with Covid, I knew I had to calm down as panic does not help. I had to first isolate myself and keep my daughter away. It was not my time to be soft hearted. I knew it would be best if she stayed away from me completely. I called my parents to pick her up. They were here in a jiffy. I did not even see her going. I know it's been said that you can easily keep your child with you, breast feed them and all. But really? The amount of dizzy dosages there are, I'm not so sure it's a great idea to keep your child clunked to your hot tempted body.

The battle is tough, being away from my lil one, such a high fever, weakness and all the cloudy thoughts of when will this end.

Tell us your story of recovery- how did the recovery happen?

It was a lot of struggle. There were days I would get up feeling overwhelmed by emotions, while there were days that I still can't remember what happened. With no taste or smell, difficulty in breathing, hardly any energy to take medicines, steam or do breathing exercises, I had to push myself everytime and do what was needed. The heavy medicines get on to you making it harder.

What is important is you do not lose courage and follow the routine as mentioned by your doctor.

How do / did you keep yourself positive through these times? What helps / helped you stay positive & calm?  

It was difficult but the will to recover and discipline helped me.

What would you say to all the Moms braving through these times, your message for fellow moms? 

If you notice a few symptoms, I feel it is important you isolate yourself immediately so you don't spread the virus and keep yourself and your family safe.

Do not panic, Eat well, stay hydrated, ventilate your room, think positive and hope for the best.

Thank You Moms! 


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