How To Cure Mouth Ulcer In Infants

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How To Cure Mouth Ulcer In Infants

Whenever baby is in distress, it leaves the whole house in pain.Similar is the scenario, when the suffering is because of the those irritating mouth ulcers.Generally they are not so common in newborns, though there are many factors that can induce an ulcer in their mouth.

What are ulcers or Canker sores?

  • These are open wounds that spreads across mouth lining. Varying in size, they could appear singly or in a group. They may develop in gums, cheeks,lips or tongue.
  • Canker sores are little different from ulcers as they mainly appear in soft tissues and are not contagious.
  • Cold sores are mainly caused by a virus Called Herpes virus in toddlers and appears outside mouth. Being a viral sore, it is highly contagious and easily spreads.

Causes of ulcers.Why the mouth ulcers develop in infants?

They are normally not a sign of disease or illness in infants, however many other reasons can advance to ulcers in tiny toons.

  • It could be a Canker sore, if it is viral infection.But this is common in kids above 5 years of age.
  • A burn with hot food, biting the tongue or cheek,eating sour food like pineapples can lead to an ulcer.
  • Low immunity levels in your infant can trigger the formation of white spots in their mouths.
  • Some elders relate a mouth ulcer presence to upset stomach. Acidity, indigestion or abnormal stool could be the reason.
  • Many a times, a forceful brushing or wiping gums with finger cloth can hurt the soft tissues, creating mouth injuries.
  • Stress do affect mouth ulcers. Of course that playful toddler can feel anxious and stressed out in her routine and develop the itchy sores in mouth.
  • Allergies to foods or drinks can also establish mouth ulcers.
  • Deficiency of Vitamins , minerals and iron can be a reason for mouth sores.

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It is very important to understand the cause of erupting sores in your infants mouth. For example,

  • Canker sores are non viral and are in kids above 5yrs of age.
  • Hand foot mouth disease spots are generally in age of 1-5 years and that is a viral infection.
  • Herpes virus is mainly the culprit for sores in infants in form of pox or cold sores.

So before you treat it at home or take measures to cure it, always apprehend the type of ulcers.


Signs and symptoms of ulcers in infants.

Study says, the ulcers develop after 7-14 days of exposure to the infection.

  • They appear as red bump and break open to form a sore.It could be yellow or greyish white in appearance.
  • They are painful and irritating for your little angel.
  • They create refusal for food and drinks in babies. The fear of pain is the trigger for them to refuse.
  • Excessive drooling in babies can indicate presence of sores in mouth.
  • Sometimes it can bring along the fever and restlessness in infants.


Home remedies to cure mouth ulcers in infants?

  • The very first remedy I can think of is breast milk or chilled formula to soothe that ugly painful sore in baby. Midwives suggest application of raw milk also.
  • The best homely cure is dabbing ghee over ulcer to heal it with no side effects.
  • Honey is a natural antibiotic and its sweet taste increase the acceptance in infants. So just applying it over sore is a good remedy.
  • Turmeric being an anti inflammatory -antiseptic, when mixed with honey can do good soothing and curing.
  • Curd or buttermilk are also well known in composing mouth ulcers. They curb the bacterial growth. But they are only advisable after 8 months of age.
  • Coconut is always a multitasker. One can use coconut milk, coconut oil or coconut water in case of mouth ulcers. There usage and suitability always depends upon the age of infant.
  • Curry leaves when crushed to a paste, amazingly help in recovering vitamin deficiency when applied. However, they cannot be readily used with less than one year infants.
  • Aloe Vera gel can also be used as per the requirements.
  • Using ice lollies or ice cream can be great reliever for infants under mouth sores.

The small sores can be a big trouble for you and the baby. So whenever you find such symptoms work on it at home. Observe it and in case of no improvement in a week, seek medical help. Meanwhile, avoid offering sharp toys and edgy food items to baby and let the sore heal faster.


Have a better dealing with sores!!

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