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Natural Childbirth- Some key tips every expecting mom should know!

Lakshmi Kapoor Verma

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Natural Childbirth Some key tips every expecting mom should know

If you plan to go for natural childbirth, then a bit of preparation in advance can be helpful, which includes right exercising, diet, gathering information etc. The blog, shares tips with you.

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Mayuri Amit Patil

| Oct 06, 2017

very informative blog..

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| Aug 18, 2017

Very informative

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Sonika Akhilesh Gupta

| Jul 17, 2017


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Rashi Pranjal

| Apr 18, 2017

yeh quite informative.

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Suhani Roy

| Mar 20, 2017

This blog is such a wonderfully... nice one blog is here... www. momcuddle. com

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Megha Pekam

| Mar 05, 2017

very nice ...

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Menakuru Jhaansirani

| Jan 30, 2017

very very cleared information tq....

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| Nov 29, 2016

Very well written. Thanks for the information :)

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Tejal Singh

| Aug 16, 2016

Very helpful.

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Vigneswari Senthil Raja

| Apr 22, 2016

I am a mother of twins born on Jan 31st 2016. After reading this I want to share my pregnancy experience. I am a Type 1 diabetic on insulin. When my pregnancy got confirmed I came to know that I was bearing triplets but due to my health condition it w reduced to twins. I was completely on bed rest. No exercise and nothing. All I had to was lie on bed. I used to always think that I need to give natural birth. During my 37th week of pregnancy I got fainted and was admitted in hospital but there were no possibility of delivery at that time as one of the baby's head was up. But the very next morning I felt pain but don't know that it was delivery pain until nurse confirmed. I was in a state of surprise as I didn't feel such pain which usually showed in movies. LOL. I gave birth to my twins with pain and laughter. During my entire pregnancy I used maximum of Indian toilet than western. I think that has helped me with normal delivery even though I had a strict bed rest.

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Lakshmi Kapoor Verma

| Apr 02, 2016

you are welcome Seema

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Seema Chitlangia

| Apr 01, 2016

Thanks for sharing such information.. Very helpful

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Lakshmi Kapoor Verma

| Mar 15, 2016

Thanks every one for giving the blog a read! Jeslin have listed a couple of practices in the blog above but a lot of times the final decision of c-sec/natural delivery depends on the series of events that finally happen on the d-day. just hope for the best and the primary priority should always be the well being of the mother and the baby. all the best

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Jeslin Azariah

| Feb 12, 2016

How to give natural birth

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MsShrikala A Pandit

| Feb 03, 2016

nyc article!!!!

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namrata chanan

| Jan 27, 2016

I did all of this....

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Nupur Chandra

| Jan 23, 2016

Hi! I conduct Antenatal Classes in Noida called 'Natural Childbirth Lamaze Program'. In these classes, I teach all of the above mentioned. Incase you or anyone you know is interested in attending these classes, they can contact me at +918587019061

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sham bhavi

| Jan 07, 2016

I did all this but still had undergone c section.. reason was uterus didn't open even I got labor pain.

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Varshu Shyam

| Jan 04, 2016

Thanks a lot for motivational tips, could u pls suggest me yoga for natural child birth?

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sonia b

| Jan 02, 2016

Congrats!!!very helpful tips...

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