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Nestle ceregrow for kid's overall development

Khyati Narang Gupta
3 to 7 years

Created by Khyati Narang Gupta
Updated on Apr 08, 2022

My naughty #devputtar is always playing around the house.
But, with his growing age, he is becoming a fussy eater. The gap between nutritious food and food to fill the tummy has started bridging wider. I never see his plate finished. I run behind him to finish the food.

Fortunately, I found an option which not only filled the tummy but it is loaded with immuno-nutrients, protein, iron and essential 16 essential vitamins and minerals . Now, his energy level has risen up and he always keeps me on toes.
Curiosity to learn new things and building of imagination required adequate intake of nutrients.
I want the best for my son and now I am rest assured with Ceregrow by my side kyunki main, “pet bharne aur poshan dene mein farak samjhte hoon.

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