How To Help Your Child Build A Resolution List For 2018?

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How To Help Your Child Build A Resolution List For 2018

With 2017 a nostalgic memory in your mind and 2018 standing with its new hopes, promises and beginnings, it is that time of the year that never goes out of fashion. Does it? Yes, you guessed it right – New Year Resolution List.

The tradition never goes out of style where you always make a resolution list, begin following it religiously for a couple of days, start hovering around a few items on the list and then completely forget about it. We are all guilty about it but now even your child wants to make a resolution list for 2018. Instead of chucking off the topic, why not help your little one make a list for himself and he might end up following it throughout the upcoming year.

Your child may be doing it for some fun but who knows he or she may take it seriously as well. There are many ways to help your child make New Year's resolution list and you can focus on them one by one.

How To Help Your Child Make New Year's Resolution List?

If you speak to fellow parents or even do a little bit of research on your own, you will find a number of tips to help your child make New Year resolution while you can even at times come up with your own set. Incorporating a couple of simple ideas from your resolution list in to your child's will also help the two of you strike off the list successfully by doing the task together throughout the year.

From getting up early to doing homework on time, there are a number of things that can help your child make New Year's resolutions list. You can help your child with every task that can be listed down on a piece of paper but also make sure he or she is determined to do the same every single day, starting from the first day of the year itself.

Tips To Help Your Child On Creating A New Year Resolution List

You can invite your child's friends and take this task as New Year resolution activities for children. Let us see how you can help your child make his resolution list for 2018.

  1. Focus on the positive side: If your child has had a resolution list last year which he failed to work on regularly, do not nag him about the same. That will only bring his morale down to work on another list for which he might be really excited. You can instead shine light on the positive aspects and help him build a list about things which he really is keen to do. Be it cycling every evening or eating one or two fruits every single day, give him a helping hand that will encourage him
  2. Let your child choose: New Year's resolution should be your child's personal interest as only then he will feel committed towards working on it. If you keep forcing him various tasks that doesn't pique his interest, he will never be able to follow the list willingly. Even though you know what works best for your child and you recognize his areas which require improvement, you must not force him. Instead, give him a couple of suggestions and he can pick up the ones which he finds it interesting to do. But you must also not force your interest in his list and rather make your own
  3. Keep the list visible: Once your child has made his brand new resolution list, make sure he always keeps it in sight. Because once it goes out of sight, it will soon go out of mind. Everyday places such as cupboards and drawers can be used to stick the list so that your child can read it every day and knows he has to follow it for his betterment
  4. Keep it short and sweet: A number of people write a whole bunch of items on the list when they are overwhelmed which makes it impossible for them to follow every day. Thus, you can make sure that the resolution list of your child is limited to a certain significant things which he can follow everyday without fuss. Having a number of things on the list makes it tough for one to cope up with
  5. Make a tradition out of it: Nothing can be easier than encouraging your child to follow the list by making it a family tradition. Your entire family can sit down and write their New Year's resolution list and make sure to follow the same regularly. This will also be your way on how to convince children's make New Year resolution

You can also be helping students ideate their New Year's resolution list by pointing out to their weaker subjects and enabling them to work hard on it every day, thus, excelling in them at the end. Since New Year is round the corner, it is time that you start preparing your New Year's resolution list and also help your child with the same.

Did you like the blog on how to help your child make his or her New Year Resolution list? Have you and your child made one? Do share it with us in the comments section below.

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| Jan 02, 2018

interesting read! yes if it's carried out as an activity with the entire family, it will add fun element to it..

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| Jan 02, 2018

Nice article

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