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Yummy Overnight Oats Recipes For Your Child

Puja Sharma Vasisht
3 to 7 years

Created by Puja Sharma Vasisht
Updated on Apr 26, 2019

Yummy Overnight Oats Recipes For Your Child

Oats Laddoos

Oats- 1 cup

Almonds – 1/2 cup

cashewnuts- ½ cup

Jaggery-  1 & ½ cup crumbled



  1. Roast oats on slow flame, till it becomes little crisp and the colour starts to change. Cool and blenderise to powder.
  2. Coarsely crush almonds and cashew nuts in a blender.
  3. Mix together oats powder, nuts and crumbled jaggery in a bowl.
  4. Take small amounts of this mixture in greased hands and make small ladoos of these.


Oats Smoothie

Roasted Oats- 2 tablespoon

Almonds – 10

Curd- ½ cup

Dates- 3-4


  • In a blender, powder almonds, then oats.
  • Add chopped dates and curd.
  • Mix well, till you get a smoothie.


Oats Kulfi

Milk  1 litre

Oats- ½ a cup

Crushed mix nuts – ½ a cup

Condensed milk – ½ cup



  1. Roast the oats on slow flame till little crispy and just start to change the colour. Cool and powder it. Keep aside.
  2. Boil the milk in a thick bottomed vessel and reduce to 3/4th.
  3. Add oats powder and cook for another 10minutes.
  4. Cool and blenderise to a smooth texture. Add condensed milk and mix.
  5. Pour in kulfi moulds and freeze.


Oats energy bar

Oats – 2 table spoon roasted

Almonds crushed- 2 spoon

Walnuts crushed – 2 spoon

Flaxseeds- 1 spoon

Raisins- 1 spoon

Dates chopped -3-4

Honey 2-3 spoon



  1. Mix all the above ingredients except honey.
  2. Then add gradually add honey to this mixture.
  3. Put this mixture on  a flat board and make a bar of it. If the mixture is not sticking together, add a little more honey and make a bar.
  4. Wrap the bar in a foil.


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| Dec 12, 2018

hw can I give oats for 10 month baby

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| Aug 30, 2018

can we use museli for energy bars

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| Aug 01, 2018


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| Jul 31, 2018

can we use steel cut oats for these recipes

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| Jul 31, 2018

can we make these oats recipes by steel cut oats also

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| Jul 31, 2018

yummy as well as full of nutrition

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| Jul 25, 2018


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| Jul 25, 2018

Superb ideas .. thanks for sharing.

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| Jul 24, 2018


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