Prince William & Kate Middleton's Parenting Guide

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Updated on Aug 08, 2018

Prince William Kate Middletons Parenting Guide
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Prince William and Kate may come from Royal Family are celebrity parents, however there parenting is natural and private just like other parents. The duo become parents again after the birth of baby Prince Louis along with Prince George (four years) and Princess Charlotte (two years).

Parenting Tips from Prince William and Kate Middleton

Though much of their life is spent in isolation from the public space, because of celebrity status, still some spaces of parenting were caught during outdoor visits, which outlines the below parenting advices or tips for new age parents who look up to the royal family for a culture driven parenting!


Children Should Spend time with Cousins

Children are best accompanied by cousin sisters and brothers who are of the same age group. Their activities together bring-in joy and moments of togetherness which children would remember forever. If the family is to be constituted with strong bonding of togetherness, it’s a great way to bring them closer.

Apart from being together, it also helps in bringing family values to your children. While they play together there is a strong force to imitate the elder sibling, which in turn forms as a habit or as a reference point for their behavioural responses.

A bit of Screen-time is Allowed 

While we keep our gadgets at bay, it is also important for children to build tech-aptitude in the early years. They should be tech-empowered and are able to traverse through technologies which are utilitarian, easily! There is a thin-line between technology acting as a road-block to their development & technology becoming medium for their overall growth and development.A stipulated screen time with parent’s guidance helps them to connect well with technology.


Outdoor Parenting is Must

Outdoor parenting helps children to involve with mother nature and get addicted to the natural sources of life like sun, water, mud and air. The know-how of natural sources brings in affinity with them at early age which further cultivates till their life-time. The royal family is always seen in the playfield playing with their children and giving them ample amount of time in open sun to play and interact with life!

Seeding the Culture early on

Children are in the best years of their learning in early childhood and values that they learn are carried for their life time. While we take care of the modern mechanics of parenting, a special focus on imparting the culture to the children is also required. Story-telling and interacting with grand-parents are best choices for inculcating cultural values in children, and the royal family does this to the tee! So, as a parent take out the culture-time with your child if you have not been doing so.


Learning is activity based and is best if performed outside

Most of our activities in metro cities are confined to our homes. The activities within the house are also limited and may involve only some facets of early childhood learnings. For better gross motor skills such as crawling, running or jumping a levelled playfield of adequate size helps the child to manoeuvre better.


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| Aug 09, 2018

well written and true ideas that are must tries... exactly, that is where the importance of play grounds comes in. inviting you to look into my blog..

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