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Pregnant and worried about Coronavirus?

Cheena M Gujral

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Updated on Jun 18, 2020

Pregnant and worried about Coronavirus
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When the whole of the world is battling with Corona pandemic, it becomes obvious for a pregnant woman to be concerned about her health and the baby growing inside. The uncertainty about the pre and post-delivery situation is an obvious fear for a mother.Yes, I can comprehend what all Shilpa, my friend who is also expecting, is going through. Her anxiety is understandable and normal.


With many asymptomatic cases during pregnancy, expecting parents and family are bound to be under stress.


Pregnant & Asymptomatic: A Rising Concern


One of the challenges that is posed in recent times is to identify Covid-19 cases among pregnant women who show no symptoms. This is commonly seen in hospitals with many cases of infected pregnant women while remaining symptoms free. In some of these cases, the newborn has also contracted the infection after delivery.


It therefore becomes important that every pregnant woman entering a maternity clinic or hospital be considered as a carrier and is dealt with infection control measures. Furthermore, adequate precautions should be taken while treating pregnant women. 


I will now talk about how Corona is a concern for pregnant women, how it spreads and how you can protect yourself from it.


How is Corona a concern for a pregnant woman?


Pregnancy is an immunocompromised stage where a woman is at risk of catching common flues and infections quite easily. However, many studies are unable to prove that pregnant females are at more risk of Corona. Still, the experts have advised extra alertness for their health. 


How Corona Spreads?


Corona is a virus which spreads rapidly when you are exposed to an infected person. The infection circulates through cough, sneezing droplets in the air, keeping proximity with infected and through body discharges. It stays on objects and surfaces for hours. So directly touching them brings infection to healthy individuals.


How to protect yourself from Corona?


As suggested by all health experts simple steps of 

  • Washing hands for 20seconds.

  • Keeping good hygiene.

  • Social distancing.

  • Wearing masks and gloves 

are good enough to protect when you are stepping out of the home.


However, there are additional precautions when it comes to the safety of pregnant women who have to visit the hospital in urgency. 


My neighbour Priya has been frequently visiting her doctor due to suggested prenatal scans. I have seen her wearing a complete covering over her hands, nose and mouth. She does not hesitate in asking nurses to sanitize or staying some distance away. She is totally alert and positive with the situation. 


Here are some points that you pregnant women can take note of, during Covid times.  


1. Eat Good and build immunity : Immunity is your vital tool to fight Corona. Fresh seasonal fruits, a handful of raisins, milk, protein and fiber rich food helps you stay strong. Include Vitamin C rich foods. 


2. Exercise well : It is very important to exercise 30 minutes a day to stay fit. And for pregnant women, it is extremely wise to follow a workout as suggested by an obstetrician.


3. Mental and Emotional wellness: I am sure many of you must be facing mental pressure and immense stress thinking of the delivery. In such a circumstance, I have seen my cousin, performing meditation and prenatal yoga sessions as suggested by her doctor. It not only soothes her mind, but it also increases the level of estrogen, ie happy hormone in pregnant ladies. Even pursuing your hobby and listening to music is a big stress buster. 

4. Limit your exposure to hospital

  • Plan a telemedical meet. It is always advisable to avoid visiting a doctor for normal check-ups. You are directly reducing the risk.


  • Have a safe visit: If your appointment is very crucial then, make sure you take all necessary precautions. Do carry sanitizer, wear gloves and avoid touching your face and keep a safe distance from the staff. Avoid taking support from a railing or touching walls.


5. Avoid large gatherings. For Babymoons or Godhbharai, you can plan a close knit family affair.


How to handle situation Post delivery?


There is nothing as pleasurable as being a mom. This experience is for your lifetime, so with little more attention you can easily sail through this.  Hospitals are already following health protocols and safety measures and making sure  delivery procedures are done with all necessary precautions. 


Besides this, you should follow advisories and vigilance, and take extra precautions during these times., And make sure you stay positive and think of good times on the way. 


Feel free to refer your doctor for any concerns. It will help both of you to work better.


This content has been checked & validated by Doctors and Experts of the parentune Expert panel. Our panel consists of Neonatologist, Gynecologist, Peadiatrician, Nutritionist, Child Counselor, Education & Learning Expert, Physiotherapist, Learning disability Expert and Developmental Pead.

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