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Pregnant? Go bananas! 5 Reasons to eat bananas

 Huda Shaikh

Created by Huda Shaikh
Updated on Aug 01, 2017

Pregnant Go bananas 5 Reasons to eat bananas

Pregnancy is among one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life. But every family member will start giving you expert tips on how to have a smooth delivery and a healthy baby. Some might even say that you shouldn’t eat bananas as it interfereswith the natural, vaginal birth!

But let me tell you, that’s a myth, which has been busted by science! Various studies have proved that bananas can be really beneficial during pregnancy.Here’s why a banana a day can keep you and your baby healthy:


  1. It is a great source of iron: Iron is important for every woman but it becomes even more essential during pregnancy. It has been seen that one of most commonly encountered prenatal issues is anemia, which is due to a low intake of iron and folic acid rich foods.

How can you incorporate iron in your diet?

  • You need to include more iron rich foods to your diet, like spinach, sunflower seeds, nuts, dried fruits, soyabeans, lentils and eggs
  • Banana being rich in iron, can facilitate production of hemoglobin which reduces the symptoms of anemia, and keeps you and your baby
  1. Rich in folic acid: Folic acid is also very essential for every woman during pregnancy; doctors put you on folic acid supplements almost as soon as they learn you’re pregnant. Folic acid is required for the development of the nerves, brain and spinal cord of the growing fetus. Low levels of folic acid can also lead to anemia.

What can happen if your folic acid levels are low?

  • It can lead to premature birth and birth defects! Luckily, folic acid present in bananas can be absorbed easily by the fetus
  1. It can help in stabilizing blood pressure: Fluctuating blood pressure levels are a cause of concern for doctors worldwide. Prolonged high BP can lead to preeclampsia and other complications, so maintaining optimum blood pressure levels is important to curb anxiety and stress

How can bananas help?

  • Banana is a great source of potassium, and hence can help in stabilizing levels really well
  • They can help to relax muscles, thereby reducing muscle cramps, or leg and back pain in pregnant women


  1. It can help relieve constipation: Constipation is a major issue faced by many pregnant women. The motions tend to become irregular and many women experience enormous amount of discomfort due to it.

How to overcome the problem of constipation?

  • In order to overcome the issue of bloating and to regularize bowel movements, women should increase the intake of banana during pregnancy
  • Bananas being high in fibers, can facilitate easy passage of stools by increasing bulk and thereby reducing the pressure on the uterine muscles


  1. Great source of calcium: All of us know calcium is very important for the development of healthy bones and for optimum growth of the fetus.

How does the banana help?

  • Banana is a rich source of calcium
  • Consuming bananas daily can help in increasing the levels of calcium, and also help the development of healthy bones of your fetus


  1. Reducing morning sickness:During the first trimester; pregnant females suffer from nausea and vomiting due to a surge of hormones in the body. It is considered to be a good sign as it shows that the placenta is developing. However it can be very irritating as well!

What do bananas do?

  • Bananas can help in reducing the symptoms of morning sickness, and hence a woman needs to eat a banana daily during the first 3 months of pregnancy

Did you go bananas when you were pregnant? Or did you stay away from them? Let us know in the comments below!

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| Jul 31, 2017

i'm 33 weeks pregnant.... i luv eating banana....

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| Jul 26, 2017

Am 14 weeks pregnant and my elder people advised me not to eat banana. .....

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| Jul 06, 2017

Hii, I am Archana Shah. I am 24 weeks pregnant and feel backache if sit or stand for long time say 1 hr. I want know that how long can I have bananas during my pregnancy ? thanks

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| Jun 07, 2017

I didn't eat banana

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| Apr 22, 2017

banana is very good diet during pregnancy. i had lots of bananas during my first baby. and my son is absolutely fine.

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| Apr 19, 2017

some people are tell me that due to banana baby may be stuck and it's create a problem during delivery time so I just want to know is it true?

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| Apr 19, 2017

No, I didn't eat bananas

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