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Pregnant? Go bananas! 5 Reasons to eat bananas

 Huda Shaikh

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Pregnant Go bananas 5 Reasons to eat bananas

Learn why bananas are absolutely healthy for you while pregnant, and how many you should eat a day. Our nutritionist, Huda Shaikh, tells you more.

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Chhavi Pathak

| Jul 31, 2017

i'm 33 weeks pregnant.... i luv eating banana....

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| Jul 26, 2017

Am 14 weeks pregnant and my elder people advised me not to eat banana. .....

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Archana Shah

| Jul 06, 2017

Hii, I am Archana Shah. I am 24 weeks pregnant and feel backache if sit or stand for long time say 1 hr. I want know that how long can I have bananas during my pregnancy ? thanks

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sowmya sree

| Jun 07, 2017

I didn't eat banana

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Padma Bokil

| Apr 22, 2017

banana is very good diet during pregnancy. i had lots of bananas during my first baby. and my son is absolutely fine.

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Ruchi Machchhar

| Apr 19, 2017

some people are tell me that due to banana baby may be stuck and it's create a problem during delivery time so I just want to know is it true?

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Gauri Ballal

| Apr 19, 2017

No, I didn't eat bananas

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