Prevention of heat stroke in school-going children

Divya Marwaha
3 to 7 years

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Prevention of heat stroke in school going children

With the heat wave having set in, the afternoon hours have become very tough on school going children. The number of heat stroke cases is increasing with every passing year. These daunting statistics make it essential for parents to be aware about the causes, symptoms and preventive measures to protect their children from heat stroke. Besides covering all these, this blog also shares some simple home remedies to help parents increase the resistance of their children so that they do not fall prey to this critical illness.

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Janvi Prem Chawla

| Apr 27, 2015

Thanks. This is very useful info. This will definitely help us.

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Preet Ramnanl

| Apr 21, 2015

Thanks alot for sharing such an important thing . I think this is every mother's want to learn for their children.

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