Covid-19 cases spike, know how to protect your school-going child from Covid!

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Updated on Apr 14, 2022

Covid 19 cases spike know how to protect your school going child from Covid

With life limping back to normalcy as COVID cases dipped and everything seemed to be coming  back on track, DDMA announced relaxation in COVID norms such as wearing of masks, social distancing as well as the night curfews. Once again heavy traffic can be seen on roads, metro trains are once again congested as people return to offices, bazaars are back in full swing, gaming parlors are packed, patrons can be seen streaming in to enjoy dinner and late-night snacks, increased footfall can be seen in movie theaters, schools and colleges have been reopened too and students seem to be enjoying this shift from an online to an offline  mode.


With the lifting of curbs people can’t wait to rip their masks off and others are eagerly preparing snapping back to a normal life as it was before the pandemic after strictly following Covid restrictions for two whole years.  However, with once again a surge in covid cases in three schools in Noida and Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh which followed suspension of physical classes temporarily on Monday as students and teachers reported tested positive for COVID. Parents of school-going children are on tenterhooks again as positive cases are cropping up in  more schools. Here are certain points which parents of school-going children as well as the school management should keep in mind for their safety.


Parents must inform their child about the following  things while preparing their child to return to school:

  • The body temperature of all the children entering school premises should be checked at the school gate itself. If the child shows fever or any other symptoms, then the parents of that child should be informed immediately and sent back home.

  • Parents can teach their children to continue to wear masks before entering school premises till they reach home.

  • If the child is sneezing, coughing, then he should be asked to use tissue paper during that time which needs to be disposed of properly.

  • Guide your child to refrain from touching his mouth, nose, ears frequently.

  • If your child is going to school for the first time, then educate him about the coronavirus and how he can protect himself.

  • Tell your child about sanitizing his hands from time to time in school.

  • Some children have a habit of putting things like pen-pencil, fingers or other objects in their mouth. They can be  taught to refrain from doing so.

  • As a precautionary measure, child should be discouraged from  sharing his lunch, water bottle and other stationery items with his friends.

  • Many children commute by school bus so it is very important that all precautions should be taken in the school bus as well. The school management should ensure that the driver and staff of the school bus are always wearing masks.

  • Special care should be taken of the seating arrangement inside the bus, such as this rule should be set to have just one child sitting on one seat. 

  • In order to avoid overcrowding inside the bus, the number of buses should be increased or the frequency of the bus can also be increased.

  • The bus should be properly sanitized every day and after every trip.


Some of the important things that the school management should follow:

  • It is mandatory to have periodic sanitization of school doors, switch boards inside class rooms, blackboards in classrooms, benches, libraries, gyms, playgrounds, labs, toilets.

  • Ventilation should be taken care of in the classrooms, libraries and staff rooms of the school and it should be ensured that all the rooms inside the school premises are ventilated.

  • Furniture should be arranged with adequate spacing. Reception area should preferably have plexiglass guards.

  • Toilet facilities and free flowing potable water should be made amply available.

  • Adequate arrangements should be made for hand washing at all places in the school with availability of hand washing soap in washrooms and sanitisers at various spots such as outside every classroom, school gate etc should be ensured.

  • Use of AC should be avoided in classrooms and doors and windows should be kept open for proper ventilation at all times.

  • A minimum distance of one meter should be maintained between two children at all times whether while they are in the school premises or even while dispersing from school.

  • Avoid gathering too many children together in school corridors or assemblies during prayer or engaging them in other activities.

  • Avoid doing any kind of activities that require forming a group or a team.

  • School teachers should keep in mind that no child should share their stationery book or lunch among themselves.

  • A separate sick room should be made in the school where all the necessary medicines should be kept. If a child's health deteriorates, instead of keeping him in the classroom with other children, keep him in the sick room and inform the parents about this immediately.

  • As a precautionary measure avoid activities such as swimming in pools, dance, music, sports etc.


Some of the important things for Parents to follow when your child returns home from school:


  • Even if your child feels tired after returning from school, do follow some basic rules.

  • After returning from school, guide the child to take off his shoes and socks outside the house and then enter the house.

  • Ask him to wash his hands thoroughly after returning home.

  • The child should be encouraged to take bath as soon as he reaches home from school.

  • After returning home, sanitize the child's bag, shoes, belt,  and other stationary items.

  • Wash his used school uniform everyday.


Apart from this, the school administration and parents should also follow all the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health. If you think that the child is sick, do not send him to school and first contact your doctor.


Pour in your valuable suggestions to add value to this blog. If you are satisfied with the information given in the blog, then definitely share it with fellow parents, family and friends.


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