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Raising a boy child -- things to know

Ravleen Wadhwa
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Raising a boy child things to know

Did you know that some of the best chefs and fashion designers in the world are men? For some reason, we tend to discourage our boys when they show an interest in things like cooking or designing. This is mostly due to prevalent gender stereotypes – which start with notions like “girls like pink and boys like blue”, or girls should play with dolls and boys should play with trucks and guns! The world we live in today is much more gender fluid and we need to adopt a more gender neutral parenting style. Is bringing up a boy a challenge? Well yes – if their interests seem different from the expected norm, then you might be confused. Well, you needn’t worry anymore! Have pride in your boy who loves to cook or shows a flair for design! Our Proparent blogger Ravleen Wadhwa helps us with some useful tips on bringing up your boy.

  • Understanding your son is perhaps different and an individual who has his own preferences and interests – read on for more…
  • So your son shows an interest in cooking –that’s great! How can you help and encourage him to develop this interest further?
  • Wow your son enjoys fashion and design –you’re a lucky mom for sure! Help him pursue this interest and encourage him while taking style tips from him!

Read on for more on how we can encourage our boys to be who they dream, and not become our or society’s ideas of what they “should be like”…

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| Sep 28, 2017

it's really an useful article.... I have twin boys. exactly my elder son love's cooking... I never discouraged him they are 6 yrs old... they are independent too

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Saima Zaid

| Sep 27, 2017

thanks a lot

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Savitha Kota

| Sep 27, 2017

thanks a lot it's very informative for my son

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Vikas Bharti

| Sep 27, 2017

wow ! wot an excellent topic ... thanx a lot for d information...

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Shikha Batra

| Sep 26, 2017

a divergent topic in contrast to the regular belief system practiced in India. if a boy chooses a career other than those popular ones and those "meant for boys" , he is not just considered abnormal but he also becomes a laughing stock. people look down upon him and he becomes the talk of the town.. this blog would definitely be an eye opener for many such people who still think, men should not enter kitchen, or designing is girls domain. thanks for sharing it.

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