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Ramadan 2018

Faraz Mohammad Khan
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Updated on May 17, 2018

Ramadan 2018
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What Is Ramadan?

Ramadan, also known as Ramzan or Ramazan, is the ninth month of the Islamic calender. According to Islamic belief, the holy Quran was first revealed to Prophet Mohammad during Ramadan itself and hence Muslims, all around the world, commemorate this month as the month of fasting and worship. The month lasts for 29-30 days basis the sighting of the Cresent moon.

Fun Facts

  1. Muslims fast from dawn to sunset during Ramadan
  2. Fasting is mandatory of every sane, able bodied Muslim who is of age. There are exceptions for children, the elderly, the sick, women who are pregnant or menstruating and people who are travelling
  3. Each day before dawn, Muslims observe a pre fast meal known as suhur or sehrish
  4. At sunset, Muslims observe the breaking of the fast with the meal named Iftar
  5. A special nightly prayer known as Tarawih is observed only during Ramadan
  6. Charity is very important in Islam and is obligatory on every financially able Muslim. Zakat, which means poor rate, is a fixed percentage of every financially sound Muslims' saving which he or she is required to give to the poor without fail before the end of Ramadan

Rules Of Fasting In Ramadan

Fasting in the month of Ramadan is one of the main pillars of Islam. There are essentially only two elements that make your fast valid and accepted
  • Intention:

    One must make the intention to fast before dawn every single night during the month of Ramadan
  • Abstinence:

    One must abstain from acts that nullify the fast

Below are certain acts that will nullify your fast

  • intentional eating or drinking
  • intentional vomitting
  • intentional sexual intercourse
  • menstrual or childbirth bleeding

Below are action that are permissible during fasting

  • Bathing or taking a shower
  • Rinsing mouth and nose
  • taking injections for medicinal purposes
  • taking suppositories(enema or douche)
  • accidental consumotion
  • tasting food without swallowing

Celebrating Ramadan

Ramadan fasting is very important for Muslims and they celebrate it by
  • Reading Quran, offering namaz
  • Doing charity
  • Asking God for forgiveness
  • Organising family and community Iftars
  • Refarining from sinful behaviour

At the end of Ramadan comes the grandest celebration of all, Eid ul fitr. Muslims worldwide celebrate Eid up fitr with lights and decorations, delicious meals and gatherings. People dress in their finest clothes and give treats to children, friends and family.

When Muslims end the month of fasting, they are left with many benefits

  1. enforcing of patience and determination
  2. enhancing of generosity, hospitality and charity
  3. balancing of physical and spiritual needs
  4. good character
  5. strengthening of ties with God

One gains more than just the cleansing of body and mind during Ramadan. People come closer to God by prayer, become more compassionate by experiencing hunger, learn about suffering of the poor. The fasts in Ramadan are a uniquely giving experience and one comes out a better human being after them.

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| Mar 09, 2021

Great information about RAMADAN , please keep sharing information like this, and if you want to learn how to memorize quran fast i am here to help.

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| May 24, 2022

Hey Nishtha, if this recipe is for 0 to 1 yr have you tried it with fruit puree or dates powder instead sugar. If yes please share the ratio. adhd doctors near me

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