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Reducing Your Baby's Crying Time: The Probiotic (L.reuteri) Way!

Puja Sharma Vasisht

Created by Puja Sharma Vasisht
Updated on May 08, 2019

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Is your baby crying excessively? And, you are wondering if there is any apparent reason for your baby’s crying. The diaper isn’t wet, you breastfed the baby just a few minutes ago and your baby is otherwise a healthy baby. You try to soothe the baby but all your attempts fail. All you notice is that your baby’s crying is louder than usual. In times like these, a new mom can feel helpless and may want to cry herself.

Does your baby cry a lot often at the same time of the day or evenings? Does the crying start and stop suddenly? If your answer is yes, your baby may have infantile colic

Infantile colic is defined as episodes of crying for more than three hours a day, for more than three days a week, for three weeks in an otherwise healthy child.If your baby has colic, your baby appears to be in some sort of pain or discomfort, which is often thought to be due to  ‘gas’. With crying, you may notice

-That the baby is clenching his/her fists

-The baby may bend her arms and legs toward the belly

-Could have a bloated tummy

-Have a red, flushed face when he/ she cries

-Your baby may pull up legs, pass gas while crying or may tighten his/her stomach

-The sleeping time of non-colicky babies 14.5 hours whereas the sleeping time for colicky babies 12.7 hours

While the exact cause of colic is not known. However, one of the major causes is an immature digestive system.

Our stomach has a number of naturally occurring healthy bacteria that help in digestion. Babies’ digestive system is immature and it possibly has more of the gas forming bacteria in it. As their digestive system matures, the bacterial flora changes and balance is restored. Yes, there is. Scientific research has found that babies with colic have shown to have a low count of Good Bacteria in their intestines, researches have proved that giving babies Probiotic supplements, like L reuteri will help solve the colic. Colicky babies are shown to have more of bad/ gas-forming bacteria.

Watch this video to know more.

Disclaimer: L.reuteri (Lactobacillus reuteri) is a healthy probiotic culture naturally occurring in breast milk, which has been found to be especially effective in reducing crying and colic. Talk to your child specialist/ doctor to know more about the right milk with L.reuteri.

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| May 10, 2019

I have a month old baby.. and with exclusive breastfeeding.. but still I face colic issue and he struggles a lot release gas and also disturbing his sleep

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| May 19, 2019

my baby is 1 year old but he is crying very much what should i do for tht

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| May 31, 2019

Hi Asmita it could be due to colic. You may ask your doctor.

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| Nov 11, 2019

Hi, very useful and important. Baby's fetus is about to produce and secret urine, while his or her button nose and thin lips have pretty much formed. Inf:

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