This Republic Day, 8 Things You Can Teach Your Child

Urvashi Shah
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Updated on Jan 26, 2018

This Republic Day 8 Things You Can Teach Your Child

26th January every year is observed as Republic Day in our country. This national holiday is marked with nothing but patriotism in the air. For young ones it is a holiday where they can celebrate and take part in various programs happening in school in the premises of the society. Taking in to account this holiday, there are a number of things that you can teach your child. Let us look on to a few of them.

8 Things To Teach Your Child

  1. The National Anthem: Your child sure must be knowing the National Anthem which he/she sings in school every day. You can teach your child the significance of the National Anthem and how it came in to existence. This will also help you freshen up your memory from school days where you were taught about the Anthem and the history revolving around it
  2. Participating in events: Republic Day brings a number of events in which your child can participate, whether in school or in your locality. Fancy dress competitions are also a thing where your child can dress up as a famous freedom fighter and even speak a few lines on him/her. This will enlighten your child on the respective personality
  3. Sneak peak in to history: This day can be marked by teaching about some historical moments to your little one. A lot happened before India got freedom and enlighten your child on the same by talking about Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh and many more. Your child must know how these great personalities spent their lives in fighting for the freedom of the nation from the hands of the British
  4. Teach gratefulness: Teach your child to be grateful for the kind of freedom we all enjoy today because of how a few great leaders fought for our country’s freedom. Educate your child to live life in his/her own way but also be careful about their actions
  5. Democracy: India is the largest democracy in the world and your child must be taught about the same. How democracy came in to existence and what rights it gives the citizens to exercise must be taught to your little one so he/she can know about the rights to be exercised in a careful way
  6. Significance of parade: The Republic Day is celebrated by paying tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives fighting to protect the nation. The ceremony starts with the Prime Minister of India offering garlands to Aman Jawan Jyoti at India Gate. Teach your child how the Indian army constantly puts up a fight on the border in order to safeguard the citizens of the country. Our country invites heads of other countries as the guest of honour for the Republic Day parade. Heads from a number of countries have attended the ceremonies including Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Mauritius, France, Britain, Brazil, and Nigeria
  7. Teach about the flag: Your child feels happy waving the flag in the air and wearing a tri-coloured badge on the clothes, but it is important to teach your child about the significance of the flag. The colour saffron indicates courage and selflessness. The white colour represents honesty, purity and peace of the nation while green represents faith, fertility and prosperity of the nation. Ashok Chakra is considered as the Dharma Chakra which is also known as the Samay Chakra. Ashok Chakra contains 24 spokes in the centre which represents the 24 precious hours of the whole day
  8. Teach about bravery: Indian Armed Forces and civilians receive an award from the President of India on this day for the courage and the hard work. The National Bravery Award is given to children who have displayed acts of bravery. Teach your child to be brave in all sorts of conditions, accept challenges and fight for one’s rights. The best example of bravery can be drawn from the Indian Army who battles with the enemies just to protect the citizens from any attacks

You can also teach your child about the various laws our country has for the citizens and how to exercise the laws and duties in the right manner. Teach your child to be a true patriot not just for a day but for an entire lifetime. Let your child’s chest swell up with pride this Republic Day whilst he/she sways the Indian flag with joy and pride.

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| Jan 26, 2019


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| Jan 26, 2019

very important think

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| Jan 29, 2018

very useful write up which would definitely help us in explaining the significance of Republic Day to our children.

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| Jan 27, 2018

Very true, jai hind

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