Rise in Covid Cases in Gurugram. What the Health Department Says?

Shalini Singh

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Updated on Oct 27, 2021

Rise in Covid Cases in Gurugram What the Health Department Says
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There has been an increase in the Covid-19 cases in Gurugram which has led the department of health to issue an advisory to people who are vulnerable to diseases and infections to stay at home.

This is also on account of the festive season ahead and probability of people getting infected. The people who have been advised to stay at home and take extra precautions account for residents above the age of 60 years with comorbidities, pregnant women and children below 10 years of age.

In the month of Sep 21, there were a total of 150 cases recorded in Gurugram. In October, however, there were a total of 165 cases. The rate of positivity has gone from 0.1% to 0.2%. The health department has also stated that everyone tested positive is in isolation at home and there has been less hospitalisation. According to the chief medical officer, there are 3000 tests everyday and this slight increase in positive cases needs to be carefully monitored and steps need to be taken which include restricted movement, wearing mask, social distancing and getting vaccinated.

The advisory also adds a few guidelines in case people do go out. This includes maintaining a 6 feel distance from others and using masks in public places along with adhering to respiratory etiquettes like covering mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing, using a tissue and disposing the tissue properly. Sneezing or coughing openly goes against it and so does spitting in the open.

For exhibition organizers, there are rules that the advisory includes:

  1. Timings and limited entries.

  2. Different entry and exit gates

  3. Volunteers to ensure thermal scanning, mask usage and social distancing

  4. Anyone with symptoms allowed

  5. Installation of cameras to make sure there is compliance to norms

  6. Disinfecting surfaces and no-touch practices applicable


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