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Asian Games Silver Medal Winner - Shardul Vihan success story

Anubhav Srivastava
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Updated on Aug 25, 2018

Asian Games Silver Medal Winner Shardul Vihan success story
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Sports in India is seeing its golden period as in this transition phase a good number of youngsters are given opportunities to show their talent and have the reward to play for their country. One such motivational story is of a 15-year old who has won an International Medal in Asian Games for India. He has gained silver for India in Shooting.


The legal age in shooting is 15 years and Shardul has been practicing shooting since he was of 9 years. In the last three years he has been travelling 240 kms daily to practice shooting in a shooting range near Delhi. His sheer determination and consistency has gained him International recognition at such age.

His journey is a great life learning lesson for all of us who would like our children to succeed. Here are some learnings from the incredible journey of Shardul.


  • Foresightedness and support of the parents – Shardul parents and his family is from a village in Meerut and since early childhood they witnessed Shardul’s attraction towards shooting. It is the parent's foresightedness which led to the professional training of Shardul at the tender age of 9 years. Infact, Shardul’s uncle has been travelling for 240 kms daily to Delhi with him to ensure that he doesn’t miss his practise due to the unavailability of Short gun range in Meerut city.
  • Nurturing the natural talent – Shardul was inclined towards guns while he was a kid. The talent was identified and nurtured by his parents at an early age which gave him the right mileage to appear for a shooting competition at the age of 15. Had he been forced to pursue shooting, the results may have not been so favourable! As parents, we could keep the same approach when it comes to choosing career for our children. 
  • Consistency is the key – Shardul has been practising consistently and has been travelling 240 kms daily regularly to a shooting range in Delhi. In one of the interviews his Father said that " he has never complained travelling 240 kms ever".  The level of persistence and grit shown by Shardul  has the maximum share of  contribution, in his achievement. 
  • Early Start brings clarity to the child’s vision – Shardul was one of few shooters who had been practising dry shooting as the legal age to practice is of 12 years. He was legally denied to fire bullets but owing to his inclination towards the sport his father and coach decided to train him without bullets to sharpen his natural ability. Dry shooting helped him to gain muscle memory much before other players. His practise at this early age gave him the right edge and clarity of vision leading to his success.

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