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Signs That Your Toddler Has A Weak Eye Sight

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Updated on Jan 15, 2021

Signs That Your Toddler Has A Weak Eye Sight
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It’s quite easy to detect health problems and discomfort in children through their body language and the way their body reacts towards certain foods. But, how do you detect if your child has weak eyesight? There are a few signs that could help you understand if your baby has weak eyesight or not.

How To Judge If Your Baby Has Weak Eye Sight

If you have a newborn, his/her eyes will take some time to adjust to the world but if your baby is a little older, these are the signs you need to pay attention to-

  • Your baby’s eyes don’t move normally
  • Your baby squints often
  • His/her eyes seem to be really sensitive towards light
  • You notice the greyish-white color in the pupil of your child’s eyes
  • Your baby seems to rub his/her eyes more often even when he/she is not sleepy
  • The size of the pupil differs
  • Your baby doesn’t follow the movement of an object when it’s moved in front of him/her
  • He/she tilts her head when looking at things
  • Blinks his/her eyes repeatedly
  • Eyes flutter quickly from side to side or up and down
  • Redness that ha been since a long time
  • Drooping eyelids

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If your child is old enough to go to school, pay attention to these signs of weak eyesight or vision problem-

  • Has poor hand-eye coordination
  • Holds the book close while reading
  • Has blurry vision
  • Experiences double vision
  • Has difficulty copying from the blackboard
  • Frequent headaches in forehead or temples
  • Watery eyes while looking at the screen – television screen, computer screen, mobile phones etc.
  • Experiences problem catching objects
  • Can’t sync the text automatically while reading and uses finger while reading

What To Do-

  • Seek a doctor if you notice any of the above signs
  • Have regular eye check-ups to make sure your child’s eyes are fine
  • Avoid the use of mobile phones and limit television hours
  • There are many eyes exercises which improve the vision
  • Make sure your child doesn’t sit close to the television or computer screen
  • Diet also plays an important role when it comes to good eyesight. Include fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin A

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