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Updated on Jun 01, 2022

Siyonas curious podcast about parents parenting parentune with Nitin Pandey
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We all want to be the best parent to our child and want to raise our child to be confident, empathetic and successful.

Modern parents have the entire world on their tips, thanks to the internet. But what is challenging is to know whom or what to trust. Here comes, which is true to its vision to be the must-have-support for each parent. Parentune is the most prompt and verified support for parents on Earth. It's a parents’ network & a 24x7 parents’ partner. Parentune is the only such safe space of millions of verified parent accounts, helping each parent to do what is right for their child. 


Little Mind Chat is a podcast for everyone.. Right thoughts at the right age makes a world of difference for the future of kids. 

In this podcast, award winning child podcaster Siyona interacts with the Founder of parentune Nitin Pandey. His success today has its roots in his childhood. Listen and understand why this app cares for children through their parents.  

His advice for every child is to play a sport, help and work together, improve things around you, dream everyday and have a growth mindset where failures turn to learnings. I love each one of them.

She brings out the best answers on some of the interesting modern day parenting topics.

Siyona’s podcast is a sign of how things have changed and how children are starting to lead their own passion points and follow their curiosity.  We are glad and honoured to feature her on our platform.  Listen to this podcast with your child today and we are sure it’ll bring a smile on your face and a hope in your parenting journey with 

Siyona has her own website by the name of Little Mind Chat. She does podcasting which leads to learning more about the environment, which leads to standing strong for the cause she thinks she can make a difference in the lives of millions of children.

Please do check out her work on 



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