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12 Skills You Will Teach Your Child In 12 Months

Urvashi Shah
7 to 11 years

Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Apr 29, 2019

12 Skills You Will Teach Your Child In 12 Months

You want to give your child the best you can and but don't know where to start from, then worry not, as we bring you list of skills that you can let your child learn this year – 12 skills starting from January to December. Depending on your child's enthusiasm to learn you can either let him or her learn all these 12 skills or let him or her choose from the list. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to read the list of skills you can teach your child.

12 Skills You Can Teach Your Child In 12 Months

Here is a list of 12 skills that you can start teaching your child in the coming months.

  1. Skating: Skating is one of the best skills you can teach your child, as it helps in increasing your child's mental and physical agility. As it is all about balancing, your child will first have a tough time in standing straight up with roller blades beneath his or her feet. He or she will even fall several times but as parents you need to encourage your child whenever, he or she falls. A good coach will help him or her in gaining balance first and once your child gains confidence he or she will be on roll
  2. Gymnastics: Does your child like to do acrobats in his or her daily routine? If yes, then your gymnastic is your best bet. Find out about beginners' classes where they teach gymnastics to small children and let your child show his or her physical agility
  3. DIY Puzzles: Does your child love solving puzzles? Well why not help him or her create his or her own puzzles. All you need is some old newspapers, glue, cardboard and you and your child are ready to create some interesting puzzles
  4. Comic strip making: Involving your child in comic strip making will become his or her favourite hobby soon. If your child often loves to read comic books, share with him or her the idea of making his or her own comic book. You can help your child at the beginning and once he or she gets the grasp of things, you will be surprised by your child's imagination
  5. Dancing: If your child is a restless one then incline his or her energy towards dancing. This will give your child a better way to let her or his emotions out via her or his performance. Break the myth that dancing is only for girls and enrol your boy child as well and see how his skills are honed as well
  6. Karate: Karate classes are a hit these days amongst little ones so enrol your child in one too. Karate doesn't promote violence as some parents may tend to think which is just a myth. In fact, it teaches your child self-discipline and enhances his or her socialization skills. Your child will learn various martial art skills such as kicking, punches and blocking which are also ways to instil your child with self protection. Karate requires concentration and strict attention which will help your child focus better in all parameters of life. This being a good exercise will help your child stay fit and strong
  7. A musical instrument: Teach your child at least one musical instrument, as it will help in reducing the stress levels in your child. Music is the best way to release the pent up emotions your child may have. Since there are so many notes to remember, learning a musical instrument helps in enhancing your child's memory skills as well
  8. Beading: While girls love to engage in the art of beading as a leisure activity, you can also introduce beading to your son and be surprised at his creativity as well. Beading helps in enhancing the motor skills and increase finger nimbleness. It also enhances the motor skills and increase the strength and coordination when it comes to holding different sizes of beads. Visual motor skills like the hand-eye coordination is also progressed. Not just this, cognitive skills like planning begin to take a better shape as your child will be deciding on his or her own when it comes to patterns, sizes and colours. Your child will become more organized with this fun art of beading
  9. Painting: Little ones love to paint everywhere, be it a canvas or a wall. If your child has been a painter since his or her early days where he or she used to pick up a marker and draw on himself or herself as well as the walls of your home, then encourage him or her towards the art of painting. This will help your child to think and express his or her ideas on to the canvas
  10. Flameless cooking: Introduce your child to flameless cooking by either let him or her rustle up some sprouted salads, make a basic sandwich or even baking. Your child would also want to taste whatever he or she has cooked
  11. Badminton: Introduce your child to this sport of racket and shuttle-cock popularly known as badminton. The hand and eye coordination required for a good service and follow up game enhances the physical agility of your child and makes him or her a better team player as well.
  12. Swimming: Swimming is not just a sport you teach your child. It is a lifestyle that you teach your child. Swimming requires patience to learn and master each stroke, mental and physical agility to stay afloat

These are a few skills that you can teach your child in 2018 from January and depending on the weather in each month. So that by the end of this year, your child would have learned 12 new skills that he or she can boast of in 2019. Have a happy and blessed year.

Did you like the blog on 12 skills you can teach your child? Have you thought of teaching any new skill to your child? Is it in the list, if yes, which one is it? If not, what is it, please share with us in the comments section below.

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nice suggestions

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| Jan 09, 2018

excellent suggestions on 12 skills that we can teach our children. exposure to all would help them decide which ones to take up as a hobby or even take it to the next level.. by taking profesional training .

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