Solution for febrile convulsion

Dr Himani Narula Khanna
1 to 3 years

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Updated on Mar 15, 2020

Solution for febrile convulsion
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Just remember the following things and you will know what to expect and what to do.

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Remember that most seizures will stop within seconds or 1-2 minutes without any medical treatment.

  • Medications need to be given only if seizures last for more than 4/5 minutes.
  • Commonly medications like midazlolam are used for this purpose.
  • One should try to reach the nearly hospital if the seizure doesn’t stop in 5 minutes.
  • The child doesn’t show any improvement soon after the seizure has stopped.
  • Another seizure starts soon after the first one has stopped, child has difficulty in breathing and if the child stays unconscious even after one hour of the last seizure.

What to do if my child develops fever in future?

Fever can be reduced by use of medication like paracetamol as directed by your Paediatrician. However you need to remember that these medications do not prevent seizure and do not treat the infection that caused the fever. They will only make your child feel better from fever.

In all cases the child should be seen by a doctor as soon as possible after a seizure for a check to rule out serious illness.


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| Feb 23, 2018

useful info.. is it required to get MRI or CT scan aftr a seizure.. first tim

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| Jan 04, 2017

hello Dr. Himani. Thanks for sharing .. I wanted to enquire is there any way out to prevent febrile convulsion fits.. as my daughter had two fits till now.. and both the Times she has been admitted to the hospital. I m afraid of getting her growth affected by the strong medicines or antibiotics May be used by the doctors here.. pls suggest

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| Aug 22, 2016

Informative ....

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| Aug 22, 2016

thak you for most important information

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