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Children are always curious about what happens around them. They are full of energy and never tire out and cease to try newer arenas of activity. A very good way to channelize their energy is to motivate them into doing something creative. Something from which they can learn and at the same time be praised for giving their own inputs. Drama , I have found is an excellent option here. To have good acting skills , it is highly important to realize the depth of voice modulation, and here comes in the vital part of speech.

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Nisha Singh

| Jun 17, 2015

Very aptly conveyed Anindita... Diction snd pronunciation, apart from knowinv grammar.. is an essential part of language and which is very specific... Your effort is praise worthy and congratulations for that special prize... I have come across an issue.... children not being taught proper pronunciation at schools.. yes.. im talking about english medium schools.... and something taught at home gets jumbled up creating confusion in the mind of a child... very well written article... thanks

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