How to structure your child’s routine in your absence

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Sep 14, 2020

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For working parents, it can be challenging to manage their child's routine in their absence. Planning activities and study time for the child in the form of a schedule or timetable that can help a child get through the day in a structured manner. In this video, Kumkum Jagdeesh, a clinical psychologist, talks about the importance of involving the caretaker as well as the child in making the schedule. This give the child a feeling of pride as well as responsibility for contributing to the schedule. It also allows the child to put in activities that he or she enjoys doing and makes the child more independent.

As a parent, It is equally important to set boundaries and ground rules for children. Along with that, you can also factor in a certain window for 'mummy time' or 'daddy time' where you can spend time with your child and ask him to share about his day and also tell him about the kind of day you had at work. Kumkum emphasises on keeping away gadgets while you are spending this time with each other and giving your child complete and undivided attention. This can help you maintain the connect with your child and help him/her feel emotionally and mentally reassured even in your absence.

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