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Sunshine Vitamin: crucial to bone and teeth health in children

Tanuja Sodhi
1 to 3 years

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Sunshine Vitamin crucial to bone and teeth health in children

It’s also known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’ and if your child’s been shying away from sunshine, skipping that healthful glass of milk every morning and is a pure vegetarian to top it all, it is about time that the proparent in you swings into action! The scare is real and indubitable since urban children are at a higher risk of vitamin D deficiency.

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Ansari Naeem

| Aug 27, 2015

Very informative and aplicable suggestion

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Parul B

| Aug 18, 2015

A glass full of milk everyday is a waste if your child is deficient in Vitamin D! It is Vitamin D that helps calcium to absorb in bones. So if a child is having right amount of Vitamin D then probably it will help in making bones stronger as they say - "Doodh piyoge to bones strong ho jayengi!"

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| Aug 06, 2015

Very useful

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Nidhi J

| Jul 30, 2015

I don't think any other foods contain Vitamin D.

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| Feb 28, 2014

yes we r also vegetarian. please suggest some more cereals and vegetables.

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| Jan 27, 2014

Useful piece of information. But please suggest some more cereals/ vegetables/ fruits which is rich in vitamin D. We are pure vegetarian and dont eat eggs and also mushrooms too

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