Symptoms of Febrile Convulsions

Dr Himani Khanna
1 to 3 years

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Updated on Mar 29, 2016

Symptoms of Febrile Convulsions

These are some of the Febrile Convulsion Fever Symptoms for you to note. It may present with abnormal jerking of the entire body or one half of the body.

  • Abnormal deviation of the eyes or face
  • Abnormal sensations.
  • Transient loss of consciousness (become dazed, blackout )
  • Bizarre behaviour or blank stare
  • Children may wet or soil themselves.
  • May appear to stop breathing and turn slightly blue.
  • They often fall in deep sleep afterwards.

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Do's and Don’ts For the Parents - Febrile Convulsion Fever

Do's in Febrile Convulsion Fever

  • stay calm and stay with your child.
  • If possible note the time when seizure starts or ends.
  • loosen tight clothing     
  • role your child onto the side or in recovery  position.
  • Move your child away from harmful objects like furniture with sharp corners, water and fire sources.   
  • wipe off any secretions from mouth or face.

Don’ts in Febrile Convulsion Fever

  • do not panic
  • do not try to restrain or hold your child.
  • do not put anything in your child’s mouth.
  • do not try to put your child in cold or lukewarm water to cool off.

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| Jan 02, 2017

my daughter also had same twice.. please guide us why it happens.. and what can be done to avoid febrile convulsion? we had got blood test done both the Times she had the problem. sugar level is high. pls suggest

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| Oct 07, 2016

Hi... My daugter suffered from dis twice .can u please explain why dis happens?

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| Apr 22, 2016

my son is also having febrile seizures.. can u tell when did a patient having dis problem get fully recovered... also he is nt gud in study ..plz help

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| Mar 31, 2016

Its really helpful msg on febrile convulsions as my child has this problem every time he is in fever pls help with the solution

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