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20 Most Common Teenage Girl Problems and Solutions

Urvashi Shah
11 to 16 years

Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Jun 20, 2021

20 Most Common Teenage Girl Problems and Solutions
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People say that teenage is the best phase of one’s life and well, not to forget to mention confusing also. With the raging hormones on one side urging the teens to try their hands on various activities, there are a number of bodily changes on the other hand, which kind of make them seek withdrawal from various events happening around. We have all been through this phase and successfully climbed the stairs towards adult life. If you have a teenager at home then you surely must be having a clue about all the tantrums, shutting of the door, secret talks with their friends and so on. Instead of constantly worrying about your child and nagging them, just take a chill pill and let him/her explore the wonders of teenage life. The best you can do is become a friend to your child, which will help him/her to confide to you about everything in life.

Just like a coin has two facets, even teenage life has two sides, which comes with a lot of challenges. If you have a teenage girl, she must be confronting a lot of problems in her life, which can range from mere confusion to matters that seem really big. As a parent, you need to give your helping hand to your child in emerging victorious out of the issues.

Most common problems of girls are linked to appearance, education, teenage girl problems with guys, peer pressure, self esteem, substance use, menstruation and so on. So, I present to you 10 common teenage girl problems from here onwards and their probable solutions. Read on to this blog to find out the top 10 problems teenagers face and how you can help them out in that case.

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Tips to Solve Common Adolescent and Teenage Problems

  1. Appearance:

    This problem emerges as number one on every teenage girl problem list. Since the body is going through a lot of changes at this phase, it becomes difficult to cope up. On top of that teenagers are bombarded with social media these days, which add on to their pressure of being in a perfect shape all the time. This concept of having a “perfect figure” tarnishes the body image of a teenage girl.
  2. Careful Monitoring

    You need to monitor your child carefully and discuss openly about how these fad looks aren’t real and promotes negative body image. You need to make sure that your young lady doesn’t opt for unhealthy eating habits such as going on a rigid diet. As a mother you need to promote the idea of positive body image in every possible way you can. 
  3. Education:

    With society focusing attention on purely marks and grades, your girl might be bound to come under pressure
  4. This is why you must make your daughter understand that it is important to study well but marks aren’t a way of judging someone. Encourage your child to take up extra-curricular activities that she likes, which will help her shift her attention for some while.


  5. Dating:

    The sudden increase of sex hormones is the reason that your daughter might be facing a stage where she starts getting fond of the opposite gender. She will find herself amidst a first crush, love and infatuation. But peer pressure along with advancement of media has affiliated sex to such teenage romance and your child might find herself in the middle of this pressure, thus, making it a confusing time for her
  6. You need to openly talk to your child about such feelings and also educate her on sex education. Teach her that having such feelings is fine but she should learn to say a straight ‘No’ when it comes to sex. Teach your child not to fall under any pressure in any circumstance.


  7. Bullying:

    Bullying is an issue, which has been bothering a lot of teenagers, be it girls or boys. This problem also leads to personality and behavioural problems, which might make your child feel depressed and even suicidal at times
  8. Make sure your child shares everything with you and if she is bullied, teach her to stand up for herself. You can even give her your examples in case of bullying or that of others and how one can emerge out of the same.


  9. Friendship:

    During teenage years, every relationship might seem tough to handle. Even friendship can hit shaky grounds as a child goes through development phase in terms of socializing. Your child might be close to her friend one moment and fighting the very next moment, thus, making the relationship a complex matter
  10. Teach your child that it is okay to fight with friends and not everyone can have similar opinions. Differences in opinions must be respected in order to keep a relation from hitting the ground. The best way is to discuss the problems, find a solution and forget about them and just move on. As a parent you need to monitor the kind of friends she makes and ensure she has the right company.


  11. Self esteem:

    Teenage girls get under the habit of comparing themselves with other girls and tend to get under pressure, thus, promoting a negative body image. She might get extremely conscious about the way she walks, talks, dresses up and so on, thus, affecting her self esteem adversely
  12. Make sure your child doesn’t idolize any actor or models and explain to her that everyone has a different body. You can instead encourage your child to engage in her favourite activities and hone her skill set.


  13. Peer Pressure:

    Among all the problems a teenager faces, peer pressure has to be one of them. Teenagers are constantly under the need to feel that they are a part of a group and hence are likely to give in to pressure many a times. This also happens in the case when your child might not feel comfortable doing so
  14. Explain the concept of peer pressure to your daughter and teach her how unique she is, which is why she should not always go with the others. She can always choose a certain way without having to feel the pressure of being judged.


  15. Substance Use:

    This is the problem that most teens face today all over the world. Just to look or act ‘cool’ in front of their peers, a number of teens indulge in substance use, which later on becomes substance abuse, thus, ruining their lives at a certain point. In order to reduce their stress or just to feel good, teenage girls indulge in substance use
  16. You must teach your child that engaging in such activities is a strict ‘No’ and how the temporary feeling of goodness can ruin a healthy body. Such actions always have adverse consequences to it, which you should make your daughter aware about.


  17. Menstruation:

    During this age, your daughter will get her first periods and also built a lot of misconceptions about the same
  18. You must clear every doubt that your daughter has regarding this matter and teach her how this process is just natural and not to give in to any kind of superstitions associated with the same. Teach your daughter how to deal with any emergency situations and always carry an extra pair of utilities that are required, which might come handy. In short, you must teach your daughter about everything related to menstruation, which also includes about the medicines to deal with pain and pms-ing.


  19. Depression:

    Teens can get affected at anything and everything, especially when things don’t seem to go as per their desired way. This makes them feel pressurized and can easily slip in to depression, if not monitored. A few factors such as low grades, poor relationship with peers, weight gain/loss, substance abuse and so on can trigger the risk of depression in them
  20. You need to look out for the signs of depression in your child and talk about it immediately. Make sure you know what is the cause of her concern and speak about the same. If need be, you can seek medical intervention too.


One of the best ways to ensure what is going on with your girl is to keep an open way communication. A doting mother is always her child’s best friend first, which is how a mom can ensure about her child’s well being. Instead of constantly nagging your child, keep an open yet two way communication with her, which will make her feel comfortable about opening up to you every time.

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| May 26, 2018

Thank you so much it's very helpful information as every teengers mom will sure facing one or the other issues you have specified . With your tips can make sum little bit changes in our behaviours too . We can help ourselves to have a healthy atmosphere at our sweet home.

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| Jul 18, 2018

nice article

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| Sep 02, 2018


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| Sep 06, 2018

Great article. Few issues apply for teen boys too.

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| Jan 14, 2019

Very Informative Great article. Few issues apply for teen boys too. Unwanted 72:-

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| Jun 25, 2019

very informative and true too.. one more problem is they frequently cry and argue with everyone... how to make them calm down

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