What if Teeth has not erupted in a 13 year old?

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Updated on Sep 22, 2020

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Tooth eruption is a process in which the teeth enter the mouth and become visible. It is currently believed that the periodontal ligament plays an important role in tooth eruption. If your child’s permanent teeth aren’t coming in, you must be worried and wondering what is the reason for the same. 

Delays are often because of a tooth in the path of eruption or insufficient space in the dental arch, or sometimes a dental infection.

Let us go through some facts about your Child’s permanent teeth and why they do not come out timely.

Lack of Sufficient Space: This is one of the most common reasons of delay in tooth eruption. When the milk tooth that was taken out is smaller than the one that is emerging, there will be a problem. So, there should be spaces between the primary teeth so there is enough space for the permanent teeth that follow.

The Permanent Going In The Wrong Direction: This is another common issue that causes late permanent teeth development. When there is space, but the teeth do not follow the route of the primary tooth, there can be an issue. This mainly happens with upper canines and bicuspids.

Nutrition: Nutrition of your child can also affect the development of their permanent teeth. Teeth require a lot of calcium and other minerals to develop correctly.

Weight And Height: Weight and Height can also affect the eruption of teeth.

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