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Thailand Cave Rescue: Learnings From The incident

Anubhav Srivastava
7 to 11 years

Created by Anubhav Srivastava
Updated on Jul 11, 2018

Thailand Cave Rescue Learnings From The incident

It all started on June 23 for members of the Wild Boars soccer team (aged 11 to 16), and their coach, Ekapol Chanthawong (25 yrs.) who took the team of 12 boys to a cave for meditation. The situation turned to a rescue mission as the cave was filled with water due to heavy downpour in the area, leading to the life threat of all 13 members including the coach himself.

Finally, with the sacrifice of former Thai navy Seal and relentless efforts of Thailand Police and Army personnel all of them were taken out safely with no casualties. Saman Kunan (former Thai navy Seal) died because of lack of oxygen while rescuing the boys.

There is a lot to learn from this incident

1.Natural Terrain and Mountains are no fun play - With indecisive weather conditions, no tracks, treacherous and tiring terrain, mountains are never a fun play. Whenever children are exposed to such natural environments it is advisable to go with a group and professional moderators who are certified to be walking through such terrains. It is therefore important to prepare well and ensure all aspects of safety for you and for your child.

2.Be aware of your child’s visit while he is away from home – It’s advisable that you keep a constant eye on your child if s/he is out for a trip. Knowing of a worsening situation before hand can help you in avoiding them.

3.Try to seek fellow parents’ help – As a parent you could reach out to fellow parents to understand more about the activity and the place, to be able to assess the situation. Being connected helps you to get a knack of things which could prove threatening for your child as well as other children who are out for a visit to these areas.

4.Teach the child to inform change of plan, if any – There could be last minute changes in the plan, just like what happened with the 12 soccer players in Thailand. Sensitize your child to communicate with you in such times, to keep you aware especially if there is any change in the plan.

5.Share a safety-review of the place you visited- A lot of this could be avoided if a parent shares their review of the place. Imagine if you could find such reviews from fellow parents on parentune, and decide accordingly.

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