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The joys of cycling! And benefits too...

Ritu Ghai
3 to 7 years

Created by Ritu Ghai
Updated on Apr 19, 2017

The joys of cycling And benefits too

Remember when you got your first cycle? The sheer joy of having your own vehicle was unsurpassable, and you were excited to simply hop on to the seat and pedal all the way to your friends house or the nearby store.

As your father helped you climb on the seat, you struggled nervously, wobbled a lot and finally found your balance. Since then, the cycle has been an important part of your life, looking back, and was also probably one of the best ways to make sure you were getting in exercise.

Like any other sport, cycling makes us happy, andveing a non-impact sport, it requires no gruelling learning sessions either! There are plenty of other reasons why cycling is a joy:

  • It’s a great fitness exercise that keeps away stress and anxiety
  • It’s a great social sport as group rides with friends are excellent for bonding.
  • It generates a competitive spirit, thanks to those informal bike races
  • This is a great way to explore places, reach out to quiet streets and parks with friends and breathe in fresh air
  • Cycling raises the body’s endurance level and builds strength and stamina
  • It makes the child feel more empowered, as they have their “own” mode of transportation

Learning how to ride a bike starts as thing to do in childhood, but gradually multiplies into healthier options for an adult lifestyle. So encourage your child to cycle more, and even take part in tours or competitions. Regular cycling will make your child robust, fit and strong, so start today!

#ParentuneTip:In a move to promote cycling, the government is working to build an elevated cycle track with solar panels, incorporate more safety measures and introduce better cycle-on-rent facilities in Delhi, with more states to follow.

When did you teach your child how to ride a bike? Have you noticed any changes in your child’s stamina? Let us know in the comments below!

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| Apr 20, 2017

nice blog

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| Apr 20, 2017

I completely agree with cycling related all... thankew

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