Top 3 things to take care of your child's teeth

Dr Arnab Sengupta
0 to 1 years

Created by Dr. Arnab Sengupta
Updated on Apr 12, 2021

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My child does not brush his teeth properly!”; “Is it necessary for my child to brush twice a day?”; “What is the right toothbrush to use?”; “What is the right tooth paste for my child?" , when should I take my child fro his/her first dental visit" And the questions around our child’s dental hygiene go on. When it comes to children’s health, we don’t want to slip up and the same rule applies to the child’s dental care as well. Watch the video as Pediatric Dentist Dr Arnab Sengupta answers on how do you take care of your child's teeth.

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| Apr 12, 2021

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