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Things u need to taught your 3year old preschooler.

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Updated on Aug 05, 2022

Things u need to taught your 3year old preschooler

What is the best way to educate your 3year old pre-schooler?

 First, understand that young children do not have adequate attention spans to sit at a desk and learn to read and write like an older child. The best approach would be through play. Second, know that educating a 3-year-old differs from school-age children due to both the complexity of concepts covered and the foundation that has been laid. At three, education is all about laying that foundation. Sure you can go over colors and shapes, ABC and 123’s but what would most benefit a 3-year-old is learning crucial skills to maximize their success once they are in school.


It's perfect for this age. You can even play the part of a very naughty friend to teach your child how to respond to bullies, how to ask for their toy back, etc.. Yes, things like proper social interactions, how to share, how to take turns, learning to play a game by the rules and not cheat, stand in a line, sit at the table until the meal is finished & respecting elders

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