Tips To Choose The Best Colour Scheme For Your Baby's Nursery

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Tips To Choose The Best Colour Scheme For Your Babys Nursery
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Whether you’re an expecting parent preparing your baby’s nursery close to your delivery date, or your munchkin is already in your arms, the activity of doing up your baby’s space is exciting. And one of the most important aspects of the nursery is its color scheme. Because colors affect not just the look of the nursery, but also impact the baby’s mind in various ways. Read on to find out how you can choose the best color scheme for your baby’s nursery.

Tips To Choose The Best Color Scheme For Your Baby’s Nursery

According to psychologists, colors affect a baby’s moods, and even his physical wellness. Colors can be warm – which means they stimulate, or they can be cool – which means they help relax. Here are some tips that might help you choose the most appropriate and appealing color scheme for your little one’s nursery:
  1. Work with the space you have:

    The most important factor is the availability of space. Using dark colors in a small room make the room appear tinier than it is. And if you don’t already have too much natural light, it further amplifies the effect. So make sure you choose a color palette according to the space and light available
  2. Theme-based colors:

    When you think of the ocean, it naturally conjures visions of deep blue and green with brightly colored fish and other sea creatures. Or when you think of a field and the outdoors, you have sunny yellows, greens and bright shades of flowers. If a theme-based palette appeals to you, then look up ideas for different themes that will appeal to children
  3. Think ahead:

    Yes, your child might adore pink or yellow in the beginning. But consider how easy or not it might be to upgrade in a couple of years. So, you can think of a more offbeat option like rich violet, or pistachio green
  4. Colors that soothe:

    When it comes to babies, especially very young ones, it helps to have a soothing color palette. A pale lilac can really promote a sense of calm, while a light beige can give your baby a break from all the stimuli he is constantly otherwise exposed to. Warm colors like orange and red might not be the best option for an active child, especially when it’s time to sleep, as they stimulate the mind
  5. Consider furniture:

    Have you purchased furniture for your baby’s room yet? Cribs, storage units, and other things that you will use in the room can be purchased in accordance with the color theme that you go with. Or if you already have furniture, try to make the whole effect balance out as much as possible
  6. Accent walls:

    If you’re going with a light color palette for the nursery, you can play around with one wall and make it an accent wall. Choose a bold color – turquoise, purple, coral or any other shade of your choice – and allow it to stand out. This also makes the room look bigger. Add a mirror to the wall if you wish
  7. Create a balance:

    Make sure the colors you choose complement each other, and there is an overall balance. You don’t want the effect to be jarring
  8. Quality of paint:

    Before you have the nursery painted, make sure you do your research about different types of paints. How long will it last? Do you need glossy or matte type finish? Do you want texturing? Visit the shops to check before you zero in on the ones for the nursery

Last, but not the least, have fun doing up your child’s nursery! Do it with a lot of love and fill the space with positive vibes that your baby will benefit from.

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My sister is expecting. These ideas will really help her a lot. Thanks for sharing!

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