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Tips To Reduce Hair Loss Post Pregnancy

Varishu Pant
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Created by Varishu Pant
Updated on Sep 12, 2018

Tips To Reduce Hair Loss Post Pregnancy
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Nature has its ways to keep you looking great through the nine months. Weight gain aside, expecting mothers have beautiful skin and hair. However, once the baby comes along, the estrogen levels start falling and your hormones get all over the place. It might be extremely distressing to see hair falling out every time you run a comb through it. While not every new mother goes through it, post-partum hair loss is quite common. See the video to find out how you can tackle hair loss after pregnancy.

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| Jul 17, 2019

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| Sep 14, 2018

thank u for sharing d video on hair fall.

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| Sep 13, 2018

Meri baby jab dudh piti h toh ulti kar deti h woh 3 mahina complete kar chuki h, Bahot jada ulti kar rahi h. . Plz help me

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| Jun 12, 2018

Thank for sharing.. good tips for hair loss... money making tips

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| Jun 05, 2018

Mam, My daughter is 5. 5 monthki hai. i am giving her only breastmilk .i am taking daily mamas proteinx for my baby as per gyne .Can u tell me when should i stop mams proteinx powder.

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| Jun 03, 2018


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