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Travel Bucket Ideas with Your Child in 2018

Urvashi Shah
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Updated on Jan 18, 2019

Travel Bucket Ideas with Your Child in 2018
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Throughout the year you and your child are busy chasing deadlines – be it office deadlines or school homework – so much so that in your endeavour to meet all your deadlines you end up not taking any breaks from your schedule.

Are you nodding your head in negation? If yes, then probably you would like to answer this when was the last time you went on a holiday as a family? Don't remember no?Worry not and start planning a vacation with your family right away, as I share with you some interesting travel ideas that should be in your 2018 travel bucket list with your child.

Travel Ideas Tips with Child - Worth Consider for your 2018 travel bucket list


Tourist In Your City

This is the best way to unwind, relax and rejuvenate as a family. And believe me when I say that every city has its secret charm that is not known even to its citizens. So don the hat of a tourist and go on and explore your city through the eyes of a tourist. And you will be surprised to learn some new and interesting facts about your own city.

Travel Back In Time

If you want to combine learning and travelling, then put Agra and Delhi in your bucket list. These places are rich in history and every monument has its own story to share if you are ready to listen. Backpack to the north and have a holiday filled with fun and education for your child. Narrate the fascinating tales of each monument and see how eager your child becomes to learn or share it in his or her in social studies class. With theoretical knowledge, give your child some practical knowledge as history unveils itself right in front of him.

To The Sand And Water – Beaches of India

How about putting up a place on your travel bucket list which involves nothing else but chilling? Are you already in love with this idea? It is time to pack your bags and head to Goa for your next holiday. There are other child-friendly beaches in India where in you can also indulge in sea sports. Carry all the beach equipment that your child loves to play with and head out for the wonderful and pristine beaches with your loved ones. While your child makes castles out of sand, you can simply soak up some sun and relax.

Adventure In Himachal Pradesh

If you and your child has a knack for adventure, then add Himachal in your travel bucket list for 2018. Your child can have his first experience in the snow where he can carve out a snowman or simply get playful with you by throwing snowballs. The beauty of the mountains is already calling out to you. So why wait for more, let this New Year bring travel plans for your family.

Enjoy The Backwaters

Nothing beats the charm of peaceful backwaters of Kerala. So if you dream of a peaceful holiday with your child then Kerala will be the best place to add to your 2018 travel bucket list. The backwaters of God's own country will welcome you with sweet coconut waters that you can sip on while you ride through the waters. The lush greenery will be a welcome break from the hustle-bustle of the city and will let you bond with your child over nature in a more positive manner.

Diving In To The Country's Heart

Madhya Pradesh will be a perfect place if you wish to explore the religious side of the country since it hosts a number of temples that you can visit. Adding a bit of religion and history, your child will have a divine holiday that will be remembered by him throughout his life. And with an option of safari you and your child can enjoy the jungle life of MP as well.

Colourful Land Of Rajasthan

Add Rajasthan to your travel bucket list of 2018 if you want your child to explore the desert life. Camel rides, scintillating dance performances, majestic forts and palaces along with some lip smacking local cuisine, Rajasthan will woo with all its old charm with modern amenities.

North East Sisters Are Calling

If you want to visit the most unique places, then be it North East. The breath-taking waterfalls, mesmerising valleys, and lush greenery present a pleasant picture to sore eyes and tired minds. Wander in the tea gardens and breathe in the aroma of fresh tea leaves as you sip in the world's finest blends.

Head To South For A Fun-filled Holiday

The southern side is the perfect combination of hosting a religious, adventurous and relaxing holiday to your child. With the beaches and historical places along with famous temples to visit, head down to South for a memorable holiday this year.

Holiday At The Banks Of Ganges

If you want to add adventure with religion in your holiday plan, then Uttarakhand should be added in your 2018 travel bucket list. Experience the holiness of the Ganges while you take a dip in it and also indulge in a lot of adventurous activities such as river rafting in the valley that your child will love.

From Garden City To Tech City

If your child loves to explore new technology and then head out to Bengaluru for your next holiday. This city will enlighten your child in terms of technology and marvel him at the same time. Ooty is a perfect hill station that you can visit while on a trip there. So make your travel bucket list bigger and try to check in all of the places as you desire.

Let this New Year bring a lot of happiness in your life and that of your child's with exciting travel plans that you make. Don't let anything stop you from diving in to the world of travelling where you can bond with your little one.

We hope you like the blog on travel bucket list ideas for 2018 with your child. Share your views and feedback with us in the comments section below.

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| Jan 03, 2018

amazing travel bucket list ideas! I have Rajasthan on my list. thanks for sharing!

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| Jan 14, 2019

Amazing inf

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