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Updated on Jan 08, 2016

TV Tales
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My 3-year-old son is addicted to the TV. One day in frustration I told him "mein TV katwa doongi" (spoken very colloquially I actually meant to say that I will get the cable connection terminated so that there will be no more TV watching in the house)

Being young, he still is not aware of the concept of channels coming through cable connection/digital connections etc. and took what i was saying literally to the word.

After a bit of thinking, he said, "Ok mumma, get it cut from the sides but leave the centre bit."

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| Jan 18, 2016

wow - love this one. In fact I have had a similar experience with my niece sometime back. I told her "Kaan khol ke sun lo". She put her hands on both her ears and innocently asked, "Kaise Kholun, Maamu?"

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| Mar 05, 2017

If your son is always watching TV means you don't spend enough time with him. Make your son busy with playing or doing some other activities. For that you have to spend more time with your son.

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