Unplugging parenting: how to take your child off gadgets

Neha Gupta Mittal
7 to 11 years

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Unplugging parenting how to take your child off gadgets

From concentration and bonding issues, to physical health hazards, we are all well aware of the dangers that overuse of technology poses for our child. Here our proparent Neha Mittal brings you tips on how you can help your child balance gadgets with the other pleasures of life.

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Savi Lather

| Oct 20, 2017

thanks for the valuable advice

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| Sep 25, 2017


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Anu R Soreng Dungdung

| Aug 25, 2017

Thanks for the support..... Useful ones...

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Anu R Soreng Dungdung

| Aug 25, 2017

Thanks for the support..... Useful ones...

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| Aug 13, 2017

thanks a ton

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Menka Malhotra

| Aug 09, 2017

very useful.

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Sheelu Gupta

| Jul 26, 2017

Really good

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Vinita Bansal

| Jul 21, 2017

very nice n useful

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Preety Nag

| Jul 19, 2017

very nice.. thank you

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Nisha Rakesh

| Jun 25, 2017

thanks a lot

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Ashwini Anil Shettar

| Jun 17, 2017

Thanks for sharing thease blog.

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nivedita verma

| Jun 16, 2017

thanx for the support.

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Aruna Pansari Chandak

| Jun 15, 2017

very nice suggestions thank u so much

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Nithya Raja

| Jun 11, 2017

Thank u so much .

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seema pal

| Jun 09, 2017

Thanks for valuable information

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| Jun 02, 2017

very useful blog. thank u for sharing these tips

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JYOTI Niranjan Sane

| Jun 01, 2017

Thanks mam

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Ruhina Shaikh

| May 20, 2017

An eye opener to mny parents spcly father's as boys look upto them as an ideal person of thr lyf

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Kanchan Lal

| Apr 24, 2017

thank you so for these suggestions..... will surely try

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Saurabh Saran

| Apr 07, 2017

a suberb information thanks for it. its a very good app

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Nehals Mom

| Mar 27, 2017

thanks...... every effective information..... have been working on few of them

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Chiroshree Mazumder

| Jan 31, 2017

I have provided my child with activity books,games,but TV seems to be her top priority ...what to do??

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Satpreet Kaur Khalsa

| Jan 19, 2017

very useful information... many thanx to u..

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Amita Mittal

| Dec 09, 2016

for working mothers it is really challanging to spend quality tym with our kids ..thanx for your suggestions

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DrNidhi Gupta

| Nov 24, 2016

v nice info.. I m looking for such type of information as my son is addicted to gadget..

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 Sukanya Banerjee

| Jul 29, 2016

Very nicely written. I like the idea of going for a jog. It is difficult to get them to go and play outside as there is no playground around. Cycling on the roads is scary too. So maybe we can go for a walk.

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Canisha Kapoor

| Jul 21, 2016

Hi Neha, thank you for the series of blogs that you have written

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