Baby Vaccinations – Care, Side Effects, Precautions & Soothing Tips

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Baby Vaccinations Care Side Effects Precautions Soothing Tips

Once you have your tiny little bundle of joy wrapped up in your arms, the doctors will take him/her away for countless vaccines, which are necessary. In the first 24 hours of your baby, he/she will be immunized with a number of vaccines. It will be hard to see your tiny one get an injection but that is important to protect your child against any sort of virus and diseases.

So what are the first few vaccinations that are important for your infant, child.


Important Vaccinations for Your Newborn Babies, Infants

These are the vaccines which are given to your new born before you leave the hospital and head out home-

  1. BCG Vaccine: This vaccination has been made mandatory under the National Immunization Schedule, and is administered on your baby’s upper arm right after the day he or she was born. This vaccine prevents infant from contracting tuberculosis (TB). In fact, this is one vaccination that is given to Indian-babies born in middle east as well.
  2. Vitamin K injection: This isn’t a vaccine but more of a vitamin-dose administered through an injection. It has become a standard procedure to give babies this dose soon after birth, as Vitamin K plays a significant role in blood clotting. A small percentage of babies are at the risk of suffering from Vitamin K deficiency resulting in bleeding or even internal hemorrhage. In order to avoid this, babies are given a shot of Vitamin K soon after birth
  3. Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV): Also referred as zero dose, this vaccine’s first dose is given to your newborn the next day he/she is born and helps your child from contracting polio. Your infant will be getting injectable polio vaccine at the doctor’s appointments which will be between six and eight weeks of his/her birth
  4. Hepatitis Vaccine: In order to protect your child against the Hepatitis virus, which is a viral disease, he/she will be getting a mandatory Hepatitis vaccine after birth. It will be given to your child via injection
  5. Booster doses: Apart from the above-mentioned vaccinations, there will be numerous booster doses that are administered to your baby over a specific period of time. So do keep a tab of that get newborn baby and infants vaccinated as and when needed as per the list of vaccinations given to you by your baby’s pediatrician


Are There Any Side Effects Of The Vaccines in Child?

No, there are no side effects of the vaccines. However, there may be a small mark as a result of the BCG Vaccination. In fact, if you look at your upper arm, you also have that injection mark from the BCG vaccination.


How To Soothe Infant After Vaccination?

It is only natural for a little one to cry after being injected with the essential vaccines. The best possible way to soothe your cranky child is to breast feed him/her which will assure skin-to-skin contact.

If you are not breastfeeding your child, then just keep him/her close to your chest which will calm him/her down soon.

Do not fail to vaccinate your child as and when the time arrives as it only protects him/her from a number of viruses and diseases.

Although India has been declared a polio free country, polio does exist in certain parts of the nation. While your child will be receiving his/her first polio vaccine soon after birth, the next doses or shots will have to carried over specific time period until your child turns 5-year-old.

Keep a tab on the dates when polio vaccination is carried out in a nearby hospital or clinic and take your  for the same.


Precautions To Keep In Mind After Each Vaccination

While there are no side effects of vaccinations, it is still important to keep in mind few precautions.

  1. Avoid rubbing the area where the vaccination was administered
  2. Doctor will give you a painkiller, do give that to your child to avoid any discomfort 
  3. Avoid bathing and massaging for the day vaccination was administered

Did you like the blog on vaccinations needed for your babies as well? Do you have any doubt about vaccinations for your child? Do share your views, thoughts in the comments section below, as we would love to hear from you.

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| Jan 16, 2018

is there any difference between govt. and private vaccines?

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| Jan 15, 2018

does vaccination done in govt. cover all vaccinations as private hospital does?or they lack somewhere?

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