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Watch out: 6 Expected deficiencies in vegans

Puja Sharma Vasisht
1 to 3 years

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Watch out 6 Expected deficiencies in vegans

Vegan diet has been rising in the popularity charts and for good reason – it has a positive impact on health, for instance, lower serum cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and in fact lower weight and as a result, lower risk of heart diseases. But like everything else, it has a flipside too. On World Vegan Day, our nutrition specialist blogger, Puja Vashisht, red flags 6 possible deficiencies that can be a direct fall out of a Vegan diet and tells you what to do

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puloma pandey

| Feb 21, 2017

do giving yellow food satisfy d need of omega 3 ? i give egg yolk , pumpkin ,papaya etc

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Nitya Prabhakar

| Jan 24, 2017

sorry my son typed mistakenly... I too want food chart for my 1 year 5 months.. he is very active but not gaining wait.. still I'm feeding mother milk.. and he is not drinking other milk. planning to stop mother milk. really don't know how to stop. could you please any one suggest

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Swapna Jaini

| Nov 03, 2016

what about iron and vitamin D .. What are the supplements for vegans

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