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How to Keep Kids Safe but Entertained in The Car on Long Journeys?

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Updated on Sep 12, 2019

How to Keep Kids Safe but Entertained in The Car on Long Journeys
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According to the Bureau of Transportation Studies, United States (Source) citizens travel approximately 40 miles a day, most commonly by personal vehicles. Whether we’re on the way to the shopping center to run some errands or road-tripping with the whole family, many of us are always trying to find ways to keep the kiddos in the backseat busy.

With the driver needing to concentrate on the road and the rest of their surroundings, fighting children or kids eagerly asking, “Are we there yet?” every five minutes certainly doesn’t help.

Ways to Ensure Child Safe & Entertained in Car Journey's

The good news is, there are ways to ensure your kids are safe and entertained in the car during those long car rides. Read more here.

#1. Equip Kids with Activity Trays

It’s hard to do anything entertaining in the car when you’re stuck to a seat for hours. But supplying your kids with their own activity tray can give them a personal tabletop that can provide them more ways to entertain themselves from drawing and coloring to putting together a small puzzle.

#2. Turn Backseat into a Mini-movie Theater

Not everyone can afford to install a DVD player in their car. Even if you can, you might not like the permanency it entails. What you can do is purchase a removable iPad car mount to place on the back of your front seat(s) to play child-friendly movies, videos, or TV shows for your kiddos. If the noise will be a problem, simply give your children a pair of earbuds or headphones.

#3. Make a Surprise Bag for Child Containing Fun Toys & Trinkets

Many children already bring toys with them on long car rides from stuffed animals to handheld video games. However, to make the trip even more special, give your children a surprise bag containing new toys and trinkets. The surprise will give them a rush for a good part of the trip, and the toys inside the bag will keep them occupied.

#4. Set Your Children-up with MP3 Players Featuring Kid-friendly Tunes

Chances are, your children don’t have the same music taste as you. Growing up in a different generation and generally having a different set of interests can certainly impact one’s taste in music. For that reason, give your children MP3 players with kid-friendly music they’ll love. That way, they won’t be bored listening to your music or vapid talk shows blaring from your car radio.

#5. Keep Fun Snacks in a Cooler

Especially if you plan on driving without having many pitstops along the way, it’s important to have plenty of tasty snacks and drinks in the car. Growing children will definitely appreciate this as not only is food fun, but it helps ward off cranky behavior due to hunger and low blood sugar. That said, keep various snacks in a cooler or baggy in the backseat with your kids.



With the dangers that could happen when being distracted while driving, it’s no wonder so many people are looking for ways to keep their kids busy in the car. However, the longer the trip, the more your children might get grumpy and antsy in the backseat. Fortunately, the latter five tips can help keep your kiddos busy and content as you enjoy the long drive to your destination.

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