weather changes, and for a mom it creates a lot of chaos

Prerna Garg
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Updated on Nov 10, 2020

weather changes and for a mom it creates a lot of chaos
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This is that time of the year when the weather changes, and for a mom it creates a lot of chaos.

Personally, I get so tensed for my daughter as this is the time when she can go under the weather with complaints such as body ache, fatigue, or head ache.   
And at this time, I only trust Crocin liquid.

Crocin liquid is the first medicine which comes to my mind when my daughter is unwell due to season change.. Thankfully, my daughter also loves the flavor.

It even has a CRC(Child Resistant Cap) which prevents accidental consumption by my young kids. I trust Crocin liquid.

Moms, make sure that you have Crocin liquid especially in this season change.



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| Nov 20, 2020

Yes thankfully the flavour is good and my child who is very sensitive to taste and immediately pukes on having something which is not as per his liking. fortunately he readily accepted Crocin liquid.

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| Nov 21, 2020

I am #season change ready!!👍👍

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| Nov 21, 2020

Yep.. I have been using to my kid from last 1 year ,undoubtedly good companion ,main thing in observed on my child is earlier he frequently suffers with cold and fever during season change after using this his health is absolutely fine... season change ready 👍🙌

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| Nov 22, 2020

True ! Whenever season changes most commonly children develop flu like symptoms which is very irritating for children and parents too where Crocin liquid comes in rescue and proves to be the best over the counter medicine for that.

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